Help with results please

I had an Iron panel done , I don't have all the results yet, but these are the first ones to come in and they are Chemistry Iron :

Ferritin: 16.6 (15 - 150mg/ml) my doc results 17 ( 13 - 150 )

FE ? : 35 ( 37-173 )

TRSF2 : 328 (200-360)

STFR : 3.47 ( 1.9 - 4.40)

B12 at my normal doctors 2 weeks ago was 178 ( 197 -771)

I am in range but low on one and out of range on 1 but I have no idea what it means ??

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  • are you hypothyroid? if so although the ferritin is in range it may be too low for you - indicating that you have an iron deficiency.

    B12 is in the deficient range - needs to be evaluated on basis of symptoms though as a small number of people are actually okay at this level - though with thyroid problems and an overlap of symptoms that is going to be difficult.

    If your GP won't budge on the basis of symptoms then MMA and homocysteine tests can help to clarify - these are proxy measures for whether your cells have enough B12.

    30% of people presenting with B12 deficiency don't have macrocytosis or signs of larger rounder red blood cells - and this is made more likely if you have a problem with iron (which will tend to mean smaller red blood cells). So, using macrocytosis as a marker to rule out B12 deficiency is a bit dangerous.

  • Yes, I was diagnosed only at the end of January and my Levo dose was upped to 75mgs at the start of this month. My TSH was 118 then 28 on 50mgs Levo so now upped 75.

  • To add as I am new to this , I don't know if I feel bad because of B12 or because of my Hypothyroid , I guess its a waiting game until I find a good balance of hormones and vitamins . Thank you for your reply Gambit62.

  • likely symptoms are a mix. ideally both need to be treated

  • Are you in UK?

    I'd suggest reading the following if you are in UK

    Also pinned posts on this forum.

    Book "What You Need to Know About Pernicious Anaemia and Vitamin B12 Deficiency" By Martyn Hooper

    UK B12 websites


    I've written some detailed responses about b12 deficiency in last week or so. If you search for them there may be useful info.

    I am not a medic just a person who has struggled to get a diagnosis.

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