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B12 and vitamin D deficiency


I was diagnosed with B12 deficiency in May 2016. Had my loading doses and have continued to have 12 weekly injections, however I have continued to have pain in my hands, back, legs and feet. My muscles feel so weak that I struggle washing my hair in the shower and the fatigue is horrendous to the point I rarely leave the house at weekends as I just don't have the energy to do anything.

After a recent blood test I have now been diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency too and have been put on a 3 month course of supplements. My doctor didn't speak to me but just got the receptionist to call me to collect a prescription so I never got a chance to ask some questions and thought someone here will be able to help me.

Firstly, how long until my symptoms subside? Will I have to continue taking supplements after the 3 months? Will the supplements ease my fatigue? Could there be an underlying issue that stops me absorbing vitamins? Is there another supplement I should take to aide absorption?

Thanks in advance

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I was diagnosed in July last year. I tend to have repeat symptoms straight or soon after my three monthly injections. I take b complex tab lets every day, a boost 12 sub lingual spray four times daily ant two b12 1000ml tablets a week. So far, apart from just after the injection, I have managed to keep the symptoms at bay.

vit d and b12 seems to go together, what really sends me into orbit is this my son 37 was unwell and so tired and works longhours howver he eventually went to docs and as low in vitd and I got his tests and read them and hey b12 was low 217 or something like that and under that was

( report if there are any neuro problems) why the fudge didn tthey prescribe b12 there and then. I keep nagginghim to go back, he had 3 weeks vit d and the shitty doctor wouldn't give anymore unless he had bloo d test an d he doesnt get home early enough and hasn't the time so that is

that but my point is prevention is better than NO CURE. makes me furious, I don't absorb vit d or b12 I did gene test and found out but still hadto fight my corner and I only get a lousy 3 month inject not brave enough to inject myself got too many other things wrongandstress I must avaoid as much as poss.

I have both deficiencies also. It took me a Couple of months to feel slightly better but still suffer from time to time. I've been supplementing since sept 2016. I take magnesium and vitamin k2 daily which really help with the symptoms especially fatigue

Thanks for the replies. Would it be sensible to take folic acid too does anyone know?

Paffette71 I have B12d and same as you had extremely low vit D. Had 7 weeks of 40,000 units a week and then nothing until my haematologist asked what maintenance dose I was on and was in their guidelines that they should have prescribed a maintenance dose. He had tested my level and I was only just on the bottom of the range for vit D. I challenged Dr and got a maintenance dose of 800 units daily and my next test flagged me as below range again, so now have argued for more so now on 1600 units daily to hopefully bring it back up. Haematologist tested my vit c level and my level was only 4. Seems having B12 d does not come alone...... lots of vits seem to drop low, although the Dr's think there is no connection...


I find that malabsorption of B12 does not come alone. It must be a very important vitamin for absorption of other vitamins and minerals. I was diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency, had almost none, and now have an ampoule of liquid Vit D prescribed every 3 months for ever despite having a sun tan and living in a sunny climate! If I forget to take it I start getting aches and pains all over.

I also find that magnesium oil externally rubbed on my skin helps a lot with night cramps. Since I discovered years ago that the fat soluble vitamins (ADEK) may be lacking for someone like me, I have been asking and asking specialists to prescribe them, without success. So I now supplement with D3 and K2. I am menopausal now but used to take evening primrose oil, too. I take co-enzyme Q10 to help digestion and cherry powder capsules to stave off another attack of gout. Home made sauerkraut or other probiotics to keep gut flora happy. I could go on....

And I would feel a right old hypochondriac, rattling along with all these supplements, if it weren't for the fact that it WORKS for me, and I feel better than I have in years.

All the best, I hope you get the help you need. The folks on here are wonderful😊

Do you have a copy of your blood tests?, did they test your folate levels? If you post them on here, with the ranges, you will get some advice on whether to take other supplements. From what I can gather from reading on here, is that everyone is different regarding recovery from symtoms. I also have tried to find out why I am deficient in vit D, vit B12 etc but sometimes there is no answer, could be antacids, could be hereditary, could be an accumulation of factors, unfortunately it can be hard to pin point reasons.

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