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Help with test results please


I'm new here, I was directed to this forum from the Thyroid UK one after posting my latest blood results which show low Vit B12. I had a total thyroidectomy 10 months ago and have been on different doses of levothyroxine since then. Thyroid levels seem to have stabilised now but I've been having anxiety and depression symptoms which won't go away. My GP has suggested antidepressants and therapy (and HRT as I'm 46 and possibly perimenopausal) but I feel the psychological issues are just symptoms and would like to get my nutrients right hence the private blood tests. Would anyone be able to look at them and give me some direction? I'm thinking of seeing a nutritionist next. Thank you.

Ferritin 26.0 (20-150)

Vitamin B12 230 (Deficient <140 Insufficient 140-250 Consider reducing >725)

Serum Folate 20.76 (8.83 – 60.8)

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unless you are a strict vegan low B12 is likely to be the result of an absorption problem - low ferritin indicates that you may be having problem absorbing iron as well - and may be anaemic from both B12 and iron and as B12/folate tends to make red blood cells larger and iron anaemia tends to make red blood cells smaller the two may be masking each other and if your GP is just relying on looking at a full blood count they could be missing the bigger picture.

If you haven't done so already, please read through the pinned posts.

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Thank for your reply. It is probably advisable to see my GP then, before even considering a nutritionist or self-supplementing?

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nutritionist may be able to help with identifying what might be lacking in your diet and clarify if things are actually lacking or if it is that you are having problems absorbing things but I'd suggest trying to get GP to look at things though no guarantee that they will be aware of B12 or pick up on the deficiency.

Make sure you get a list of symptoms to take with you.

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