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Help with understanding test results, please?

Hi all,

I am going to see my GP tomorrow and I am going through my blood results

Does anyone know what is this new assay in use since May 2015? Why do they say 'intrinsic factor ab to follow?' Is this a different test to Intrinsic Factor antibody? Why didn't they do the parietal cell antibodies?

End of January 2016 - B12: 165

After a week of only food rich in B12 ( as advised by GP) - February 2016

B12: 190

Intrinsic Factor Antibody ( LWIL) - Normal - Negative ( please note new assay in use from 13/05/2015) - note: need to increase vitamin B12 in diet

Parietal cell autoantibodies *

guidelines for pernicious anaemia recommend first line testing with intrinsic factor antibodies. Intrinsic factor ab to follow

My GP decided not to treat me as B12 deficient and advised me to have food rich in B12. I tried to argue that I am not vegetarian or vegan and that I eat meat and lots of dairy products ( cheese in particular). I remember her saying that perhaps I cook beef for too long. Now I know that B12 is not destroyed by cooking but at the time it never crossed my mind to question the GP.

My neurological symptoms were not linked to low B12. As I had a lump in my left arm, she said it could be a cancerous growth and I was referred for further investigations. It turned out to be a blood clot and the diagnosis was that the it has damaged the nerves in my left arm and that is why it was numb, heavy and I was feeling pins and needles all the time.

Getting so nervous about tomorrow's appointment as I am going to argue my case for more B12 injections!

Thank you!


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Hi Vicky

You are not alone.

Nonetheless PLEASE take someone with you. Consultations are conducted in much better temper usually with a witness present.

Don't forget to print the sheets on here for info for your doctor, professional leaflet, (again for doc) and the list of symptoms you have. If your partner in crime, can quietly testify, when asked, to the paucity of your life as you are, it could add further weight.

I am sorry I cannot do links. If you don't find them I am sure someone else will provide them.

I know you are uncertain but gird your loins. Find that spark of indignation that lies in you to give authority and strength to your case.

Best wishes. I shall be thinking of you.

On Friday I will be having identical conversation with new GP in new surgery, so sick am I of being put off, so reciprocal thoughts would be gratefully received Vicky.

Do let us know how you get on



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I hope we are both lucky ..keeping my finger crossed... I will let you know how things went... x

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The pinned posts are on the right of the POST page. Second one gives every link you need including checking folate which I had forgotten. Another item for Friday!




Hi Footygirl... I am so happy to say that my GP prescribed injections as per the guidelines for B12 deficiency with neurological symptoms. I gave him a letter and all the documents last week. Perhaps it helped that he had time to go through the paperwork before seeing me. My heart will be with you on Friday and I am sending you all my best wishes. x


Thanks Vicky. I am so pleased for you. I hope you benefit soon.

I had a call earlier, can I come tomorrow morning 10am not Friday.

Curses cos not done my printing out. Will try taking my wifi only ipad with already loaded links and hope for the best. I have routine bloods before that so time has run out.

Oh well. Here goes. I will let you know how I get on, though I have other concerns too!

Rotten GPs. Growing list due to their negligence.



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