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Help with blood test results please

Wondering whether anyone could give me some advise on my recent blood test results please. I have an appointment with my GP on Friday.

Total white cell count. 13.6 10*9 (4-1110*9L)

Red Blood cell count. 4.72. (3.8-5-8)

MCV 89.4. (80-100FL)

MCH. 30. (27-32 PG)

MCHC. 335. (300-358 GL)

Red cell width. 13. (11-14.5)

Neutrophil count. 9.4. (2-7.5)

Lymphocyte. 3.4. (1.5-410)

Serum B12. 263. (130-800)

Serum folate. 6. (4-20 ug/L

Serum ferritin. 45. (12-250 ug/l)

Vitamin D 34. (30-300 nmol/l)

I have been on D3 for 8 months and it hasn’t gone up.

My mum and her brothers all have PA. Mum has serious complications through mis-diagnosed.

I am always tired, have pins and needles and many more symptoms. My worrying one is my hair is falling out and is now very thin.

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Hi Kazzie2017 Your doctor is most likely to say that your B12 and Folate are "Normal" and within range.

However as you have neurological symptoms The British Society for Haematology guidelines say on the Diagnosis of B12 and Folate Deficiency "In the presence of discordance between the test result and strong clinical features of deficiency, treatment should not be delayed to avoid neurological impairment".


You will need to make your doctor aware of your mother's and uncle's history of P.A. as it can "run in families".

I am not a medically trained person but I've had P.A. (a form of B12 deficiency) for more than 45 years.

I wish you well.


Thankyou Clivealive much appreciated I will have a read up on it before I go. My Gp is aware that there is a strong history of PA. My mum has severe neurological impairment which is a worry.

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Hi there,

I attempted to read some of your previous posts but most recent prior to this one was 7 months ago.

Your D was and is still low. If you are still taking the 800iu per day that needs increased along with taking magnesium. I saw where your doctor told you not to take magnesium due to having high calcium but as you can see, D does not raise without magnesium. Magnesium has been deleted from our soil so it can be hard to get enough thru diet. Additiinalky it is rapidly used during stress on body.

D is actually a hormone, not a vitamin. Without optimal levels, at least 70, you are susceptible to infections, which your white blood cell count shows you have.

During infections, zinc is used up. If you have alkaline phosphatase test results, i would bet it is below optimal which different sites suggest the bottom of is 60 to 70. Below 60-70 suggests a zinc deficiency. Zinc is needed daily and falls quickly when there is an infection. Please suppliment wirh at least 25 - 50 mg daily for a month to 8 weeks to bring it back up. Zinc helps in the creation of stomach acid for nutrient absorbtion, the transport of vit A to the eyes, brain fog, hair, skin, nails, and sense of taste and smell and corrects diarreah if present.

I cant tell if you are supplimenting b12 but if you are it is not being absorbed properly as your level isnt increasing very much, considering it has been 7 months

If that is the case you might get tested for h pylori if only to rule it out.


Hi Kim thank you for the time in answering my post so in depth. I am on D3 which is 3,200 iu once a day, I do take it with k2? Which I was advised to on the thyroid site.

I don’t take magnesium as I do get diarrhoea quite often as I have ibs. Plus my Gp did say not to take it. I constantly have urinary tract or kidney infections due to multiple kidney stones however don’t have any infection at the present time, so not sure why my white cell count is so high! I also have high urea? Which I have had for 4 years but been ignored even though it is flagged. I did check my blood test and the recent alkaline phosphatase is 52, so you are correct. If I take zinc will my hair and nails get better? I do have brain fog but as I had a hysterectomy it was put down to that. My Gp said my B12 was in range so not on any supplements, it has gone up as it was 202 last year. I cannot thank you enough I just want to feel normal again!


I would change doctors if i had high calcium, high urea, high wbc count, brain fog, low d with ling term deficiency and no course if action for improving these.

Wth? Has your gp just decided he/she is a lab tech that read your levels but doesnt need to help you with concerns?

Its disgraceful. You need to be proactive and start demanding help/referrals because appearently your gp is ok with you continuing to have issues.

Try the zinc. Certainly wont hurt to suppliment short term of a month and if brain fog lessens try 8 weeks. Some people swear it helps hair and nails. My hair stopped failing out with b12 injections.

You can get magnesium without diarreah thru epsome salt baths. 2 cups per bath. I originally would stay in the bath for an hour. I would have to get out to urinate even though i had done that prior to getting in. This indicates you have excess fluid retention that magnesium helps resolve. I would always feel more energetic after a bath even though magnesium has a calming effect. I chalked this up to less anxiety =felling better. The bath also seemed to improve sleep quality. If the bath has this effect on you, i would do it daily until improvment stopped and then continue with 3X weekly. And then 2X weekly.


Thankyou so much Kimberin your knowledge is amazing! My Gp has finally realised that I have a deficiency in Vit D and has prescribed me more caplets said I need to be on them for 2 years. Higher dose for 8 weeks then reduced to 800 iu. I went in arms a glory after reading your advise. He thinks my pins and needles is carpal tunnel not B12 related even thou I have a strong family background of PA. I am going to order some magnesium have started taking zinc with my D3 and K27 thanks again.


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