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Help with interpreting test results, please!


I've come from the Thyroid UK community as I have had some bloods done privately recently and don't know whether I might be developing / have developed PA. Can someone help me interpret these results, please?

Ferritin: 4 (15-200)

Vitamin D (25OH): 17 (30-100)

Vitamin B12: 314 (150-900)

Folate: 288.8 (greater than 140)

RBC: 3.95 (3.8-5.4)

Haemoglobin: 11.9 (12-15.5)

Haematocrit: 37% (37-47)

MCV: 94 (80-100)

MCHC: 32.1 (30-36)

MCH: 30 (27-32)

Platelets: 438000 (150000-450000)

I have was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis at 19; I'm 39 now. I've not felt well for a long time but my thyroid levels are right where I want them. Is it possible that I have PA, or is it more likely that it's common for garden anaemia? I do intermittently get angular cheilitis, mouth ulcers, a sensation of a cold wind on my left shoulder blade (very specific, I know), tinnitus in one ear only (which seems to be getting more frequent) and I can fall off flat shoes, if that makes sense.

Thanks for your help


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Have you posted this on the B12 deficiency page? To me your iron is way too low, b12 still need supporting. There's no top range when it comes to b12 so the lab putting 900 should be ignored!

With your Mcv being high and your mch being low it shows something isn't right it usually shows b12 and iron problems sometimes is an indicator if PA. RBC hemocrit and hemoglobin are all low. These bloods are not great.

Time for a drs app and some antibody tests.


I tried searching for a B12 deficiency page but couldn't find one :-(


That's the page I'm posting on, according to my browser!


Doh! Lol. Sorry. Try


Hi Hose,

Your HB and ferritin are way to low, re: Ferritin: 4 (15-200). You need to get your iron deficiency sorted then you could go for Active B12 test if you still feel unwell, but I'd first get your iron def sorted and see how you feel then, to then get new bloods testing serumB12 serum Folate see if any change in MCV and if not feeling right ask to have active B12 test done and or MMA .

Hope this helps,

Kind regards,



As others have said, your iron levels are very low and this needs to be sorted. Also, your vitamin D levels look to be low, which could also be a factor in some of your symptoms. So I would tackle these deficiencies first and then see how you feel.

As you have Hashimoto's, it might also be worth asking your doc to test for other autoimmune conditions. Having one autoimmune condition can predispose you to others, so this is always worth checking if you are feeling a bit low. If you have antibodies to intrinsic factor or parietal cells, this would indicate that you (may) have PA and hence that the B12 needs tackling. This happened to a friend of mine and her doctor was happy to treat her on the basis of the antibodies, even though her B12 levels were within the normal range.


Two more test results in (all of these tests have been done privately in France):

Homocysteine: 9.39 (under 10)

IFAB: negative.

I think that the high-normal readings for homocysteine and MCV, together with the low-normal B12 result show a probable B12 defiency brewing, although I'm damned if I know what could be causing it (and the iron deficiency, and the vitamin D deficiency). I tested negative to IgA but it could still be a malabsorption issue. I'm not vegetarian, eat plenty of meat and dairy products and leafy greens!


High MCV can also be thyroid related, perhaps your not right on your thyroid meds. Homocysteine can also be affected by folate def and B6 is also of influence, so I'd not automatically say B12 def brewing, first get your obvious iron def sorted would be wise! Marre.


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