Vitamin D - is a supplement needed and how might I take it?

Hi everyone,

I am making progress but have more qs as I go along. Having been shown how to inject I aim to follow the BMF/NICE guidelines ie every two days until my sore feet and ankles go away. After 3 jabs these symptoms are much better but not gone. My initial loading 4 months ago didn't quite remove the symptoms which is partly why they recurred I think.

My GP confirmed my Vit D is low but says it will be improve as I'm about to go sailing in the sun for 7 weeks. Since I have had Osteoporosis / Osteopenia since I was 38 (am now 53) I am concerned about the Vit D - I usually spend considerable time outside (far more in the summer, though it does depend on work commitments: I'm currently out of work) and I eat healthily (my diet has been assessed because of osteoporosis and past digestive issues - it was fine). GP says my Folate and everything else he tested (whatever that was, it included diabetes) is ok. He still hasn't given me any actual figures for any tests (though I found out my B12 was 170 before treatment). I asked for a Calcium test as well but by mistake it wasn't done.

My question: could low Vit D be an absorption issue and should I try to address it other than having a sunny outdoor holiday? I have been trying to decide anyway whether to take additional supplements. My diet is pretty good and I don't generally consider tablets to supplement but absorption issues is a new situation...

I'd really appreciate any advice an what to do about low Vitamin D, and in general on vitamin supplements,

thanks to everyone for ongoing help and support, so glad I found this forum,


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  • Mashie44,

    What was your vitamin D result? Low vitamin D contributes to osteoporosis so I think you should have been advised to supplement to keep vitamin D levels >75nmol/L.

  • thanks for the reply, Clutter.

    he didn't tell me. I have asked several times to see the actual results, it is always shrouded in mystery -- I shall have to insist! Maybe I'll ask the surgery for a printout. I try to look at the screen but my eyesights is too poor (I can tell there were two red results and I was only told about B12, so I don't know what the other one was). It does feel as if one is treated as a child...

  • Mashie44,

    The Data Protection Act entitles patients to their results. Ask your GP receptionist for a printout.

  • HI - spoke to receptionish today. Shall get a full printout on Friday but vit D is 42 nmol/L. Well below the 75 you recommend. I've been reading about vitamin D (including posts on here) but it is a strange beast it seems, shall have to find out more if I am to supplement.

  • Mashie44,

    42nmol/L is inadequate. I would supplement 5,000iu D3 daily for a couple of months and then reduce to 5,000iu alternate days for a couple of months and retest in May. If you take Levothyroxine you need to take it 4 hours away from vitD.

  • thank you so much, Clutter.

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