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Oh what a mess

I am in a really bad place right now....I have PA, MS Hypothyroidism RA plus plus

At the moment I am really struggling to even write this....It is two words then rest.

In Oct my GP made me go to tablets instead of injections ... I tried to give them a go but had to give in after 3 wks and start self injections again which I have done for years as I every 10 wks did not help me.

I am not sure now if I am suffering an ms relapse or if it is that my b12 is messed up and needs longer to settle again...My energy is zero I am nauseous dizzy irritable can't stay awake then sleep two hrs and then can't sleep...Can't eat candles walk have problems doing my self catheters due to no grip no balance just too weak.

I had steroids for an ms relapse in Nov so know my doctor won't give me another dose.

This all feels like before my thyroxine and is B12 was sorted but it could be the ms

Feel too ill to get to surgery, would phone but know I will sound pathetic.

Think I may need to inject daily for a bit to see if improving.

Anyone ?


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What country are you in ellj?

Any self respecting doctor should know that if you have P.A. B12 injections are for life.

I'm not a medically qualified person but there are others on here who will be able to give you good advice only it's late at night here in the UK. so they may not reply until tomorrow.

Meanwhile I'll bid you goodnight.


Hello Clive, thank you for replying...Yes UK and you did give me lots of info when my GP made me change....I just couldn't face the hassle at that time....Or now to argue with GP so just ignore tablets and doing si

I will continue to buy my b12 but maybe messing around / reducing my frequency for a few weeks caused how I feel now...Maybe it is the ms.

I just feel so ill.

Thanks again.

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Have you ever considered going gluten and corn free as this should have a good benefit for you along with daily injections to improve symptoms. 80% of your immune system is in your gut so feeding it well will help you heal and feel better.


Thank you for your reply, I am not totally gluten free and have never cut out corn but willing to try anything. The problem is I feel too unwell to eat properly at all.


That is understandable it's not nice to get stuck in the catch 22 situation. I have been there many times myself. Maybe just for now you could read up about it to prepare yourself for when you feela bit more well . I would recommend buying the auto immune fix by Tom o Bryan. Also the autoimmune hand book by


Phone played up. angie alt and mickey trescott


If you are having another MS relapse, your doctor is obliged to treat you accordingly. In your circumstances, I think you are justified in asking for a home visit.

You could also ask PAS (if you are a member) to intervene with your GP over the issue of injections.

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Please, please try Garden of Life methyl mouth spray. You can buy it at Harvest Health. Go online and get it if you don't or can't get it anywhere near you. It's only $15 a bottle it works better than the sublingual tablets under your tongue. My B12 went from 105 to 433 in just four weeks! My fogginess was totally gone in 4 days and I had that for months. Now all my nerve ending issues are gone my stomach pain is gone. It is only $15 it's worth a try! I so much hope this helps you!

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Thank you all for your help, isn't it always the way....Feel I'll need tests/doctor visit etc can't cope with any of it.

Am keeping a short diary of what is happening and hope it improves asap if not I guess I will have to all to gp


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