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Please can I have some advice? Google is making things worse!

I've recently been having some really unpleasant symptoms, extreme tiredness, vertigo and joint pain to name a few. I was referred to my local hospital neurology department for further investigations, and subsequently I had an MRI scan done, I'm currently waiting for those results. They took bloods at the hospital, revealing my B12 to be 157ng/L. My GP surgery followed up with a blood test looking for the intrinsic factor antibody which was negative, so no further action needed. I should mention that both my mother and brother have pernicious anaemia.

Anyway the thing is, I was looking through my medical file and I saw the results of some bloods I had done in 2013, these were to investigate an ongoing stomach condition, which has since been diagnosed as bile acid malabsorption. At the time I was told that my vitamin D was low, but it seems that two of my other tests were outside the guidelines. Serum Parathyroid hormone was 10.2pmol/L and IgA 3.92g/L, both higher than normal, yet no one has ever mentioned these results to me? Perhaps they were overlooked? The thing is, I think I should Should flag this up with my GP but is it likely these results could have any bearing on my current condition? or could they have since resolved themselves?

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High levels of parathyroid hormone can have many causes. Luckily the least nasty is, in your case, the most likely - low Vit. D.

According to this - - your IgA is within range.

The worrying thing is that you're not being treated for your pernicious anaemia. Yes, you did test negative for the IFABs, but so do 50% of people with PA. The fact that you have a family history of PA, that you have symptoms of PA and that you have low levels of B12 all point to a strong likelihood of PA. So go back to the GP and demand proper treatment for PA and vitamin D deficiency.


Thank you fbirder! I saw the Southtees post you kindly linked. It was my surgery that red lined both results, and in this case it recommended a level of 0.8-3g/L for the IgA, with Southshields at 0.9-4.5g/L, but three years on it could of course be very different!


My IgA was also high sometime last year - just a little bit, about the same level as yours IIRC. Doc said it often does increase with some autoimmune problems.


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