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Not been on here a while

Hi hope your all well

I have tried si as so fed up of the battle but stopped again as baby been bery ill and not had time as takes me a while to do it as new to it and dont really like doing it!!

I did notice aome of stmptoms a bit worse dizzy feeling sick etc

Also had my ferritin checked its 40

My thyroid t4 is right at bottom of the range

My folate was 8

I had a chat with someone who said that b12 will increase metaulsium meaning will increase need for thyroid, cortisol potassium and sodium etc

My mood also dropped.

I feel very down again as not really getting anywhere have eaten gluten and sugar and feel very fedup jave swollen belly spasm in my face apathy just fed up of being me really

I have baby on my own i adore but that gets very lonley and not meaning to sound horrible but im also feeling a bit trapped but my mood has dipped much worse since eating gluten...

Miss me the ikd happy me i miss excersise and being fit i miss wanting to go and meet people i miss just being happy and feeling well 😞

Im so confised mfthr and was also worrying incase made me bad doing si bit my b12 is low

My face spasm i hVe sinus infection and pain in my eye now aswell i think coz im very run down

Sorry im a bit depressing x

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Hi lovely, oh bless u. I can totally understand how isolated u feel. I had PND and only just recovering. I have hashimotos and my t4 is dropping too. Just started I had injecting every other day , I know how u are feeling. Try and tackle one problem at a time. That's what I did. I take selenium for my thyroid and magnesium at bedtime. I also take folic acid as I'm injecting every other day. I tired gluten free and didn't like it. Do what's right for u.

Do u have a family member or friend who can support you? Don't be alone while your feeling down. Being a mum can be lonely. I still get down days now. U learn to cope. See If someone can help u inject.

Feel free to message me. Hugs x


😓😓😓 thankyou xxx will reply just so down

I take one grain armour my tsh is 0,56

My t4 is about 9.5 range 8 - to something mot got it to hand bit told im mot hypothyroid

Im sick of gluten free bit am worse with sugar yeast wheat but so fed up and bored rarely get a break and on my iwn doing it ...and yes i think had pnd

Hoping tomorrow be a better day things be clearer i miss excersise and just having a laugh or relaxing chasing 2 year old condtanrly just so bored im 41 left bit late ut thought i never have kids but mow no life at all no one ever has baby dad is idot cant be trusted wish i could let him xx thanks


Im 41 too! Where do u live? X


Are you i live in southend x




Me too ! Where abouts?


Sorry missed this one. Billericay . 25 minutes from u. X


Really ! Lol how mad is that be lovely to meet u x how old is your baby


She's just four. Yes defo , Where abouts in Southend ? Used to go clubbing there back in the day 🙊🙈 xx haha


Lol i live near waitrose off hamstel !! Lol love yo meet x mine is two in couple of weeks so bery hard work ...ratley naby sitter mum sometimes .. we have to go out if can get one xx


Rarley baby sitter i mean ha ha once every month sometimes two... gets lonley doesnt it!! Xx


Yes it does, my friends haven't been supportive . We try and go out once a month. Your little one can start pre school. 15 hours free for u once they are 2. Xx


I dont think people mean it juat caught up in thier own lives i suppose.So its not easier when they 4 then 👀 ... at least u go out i prob been out twice the whole year x but he is still tiny.

He atarted nursery already as i been so ill and no one to help i jave to pay paymentplan but then be free in new year xx

Aw be good to meet you we im same boat xx do u drive ? I dont bloody nightmare ...

I got conjunctivities now always something fet so run down baby been ill constant so hadnt alept for two months then i got flu just so bloody hatd on your own but he is gorgeous love him so much should be more help for single mums cx


How can we contact cant really put numberson here can we or email? Could delete it after xx


You could send a private message.




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