Vitamin D3 recommendations & should I add vit K2

I need to order some more vitamin d3. In the summer with 1,000 IU and making sure I got sun exposure every day if possble sunshine I got my levels up to a good level (from 45 nmol/L to 111 nmol/L where Satisfactory range is 75-250 nmol/L) but I am assuming that the lack of sun since September means my levels are dropping even with 1,000IU. Is it a good idea to increase my intake?

This is my first winter since being told I was deficient in vitamin D so I am new to this. I have also read that you take Vitamin K2 with higher levels of vit D3. Elsewhere I have also read that the soft gel version is better than tablets.

I also have B12 injections every 3 months, levothyroxine plus a diagnosis of ME which seems to be getting worse and I am getting more and more tired with less and less activity even compared to a year ago. So I am anxious to try to do the best I can to keep my body going.

Should I increase my vit D3 and should I add vitamin K2 as I have seen warnings about taking higher levels of vitamin D can cause problems with bones and calcium and I have enough problems already. There seems to be so many different ones available that I am now very confused so advice on what to buy would be appreciated. If the site rules mean you can't post names of brands etc can you please PM me.

Thanks for reading this rather long post but my head is going round and round and my thinking isn't very clear.

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  • Yes, we can't make any D from sun in the UK winter. Try 2,500iu daily.

  • And add K2 .. the vitamin D council website is the best source on D info, the authors take the pro D side of the scientific debate, but they are proper doctors and scientists, and everything is backed by published scientific papers so you can read through and make up your own mind.

  • You could well need more vitamin D but I also wonder if more frequent B12 jabs would also help.

  • As my symptoms are tiredness and lack of energy, no pins and neddles or numbness I don't think I will get very far. The doctor even suggested that I may only need injections for a year and then they can stop as my levels will be up by then. I am not vegetarian so don't know why my level was 110 ng/L [180 - 914]

  • Hi Carer999, just to add my twopence worth. Cleverer people than me on here will probably explain the science and why you should or shouldn`t take them.... But..... If you are after Vit K2, try searching at ZipVit. Last time I looked they cost £16.99 for 360 small tabs (two a day). I have no connection to the company, but that`s where I buy mine. They send goods ( usually next day delivery !) in zippy bags which conveniently go through the letter box, and sometimes there`s a deal on for new customers etc... :p

  • I use Troo Health Care Vitamin K2 MK -7 Natural Natto and Better You DLux Daily Vitamin D Oral Spray

  • How optimal are yr thyroid results?

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