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Other Vitamins


Hi all, just want to check I am ok with the vits I am taking:-

Vitamin B Complex Troo Strength: B1-100mg, B2-100mg, B3-50mg, B5-100mg, B6-100mg, Folic Acid-400ug, Biotin-150ug, B12-100ug also says it contains Maltodextrin and Magnesium Stearate.

Folic Acid 5mg (prescribed by G.P. at my request)

Fultium D3 800IU (was deficient, prescribed by G.P.)

Vitamin C - 1000mg (was deficient)

Magnesium 375mg (two a day - only taking 1 until I know more) ingredients: Magnesium Hydroxide, Beef Gelatin, Magnesium Citrate, Maize Starch, Calcium Carbonate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Acacia Gum.

As always all advice very welcome. Thank you.

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Hi Galadriel1

Your Vitamin B Complex have very high levels of everything from what I can see. These contain many, many times the normal daily recommended levels (NRV).


This NHS page has info on the levels and what problems taking too much can lead to. Vit B6 in particular can cause neuropathy if taken at high doses for too long.

It is NOT a good idea to take any supplements containing ANY folic acid while taking your prescribed tablets unless your doctor has OKed this. Same with anything containing Vitamin D. Your prescribed tablets are already very high level doses so your doc may not want you to take any more than this. Personally I would not take the high level B vitamins complex even if I wasn't on extra folic acid. Too high for me - don't like high levels of B6 in things! I stick to ~100% NRV of things if I supplement.

I don't know much about the Vit D and folic acid your GP has prescribed. Presumably he/she is monitoring you while on these? (or planning to do so once your course of treatment is complete?)

Sorry I don't know much about Magnesium - I try to get it from my diet so have not looked into supplementation. The NHS link above also has info on Magnesium supplementation.

I'm not a medic though... just someone trying to learn more about my PA!

in reply to taka

magnesium can cause diarrhoea which is the main reason the EFSA (European Food Standards Agency) didn't recommend a daily upper limit.

The amount of B6 in the tablets is in line with the US recommended upper daily limit but is twice the EFSA recommendation and 4 x the UK recommendation

Do you have/do you think you have a B12 deficiency? - if so you should be treated for that before starting treatment for a folate deficiency - risk of nerve damage otherwise. It only needs to be a day or so but ...

and this is a link to the EFSA recommendations on upper limits for mineral and vitamin supplementation - its a bit old and they do review the recommendations periodically so it is worth checking for reviews etc on their website


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Hi Gambit62 I have abNegPA and have recently started to do IM Hydroxo every other day, did this for 3 weeks with great improvement in symptoms and then ran out of syringes so have ordered and made do with 1 a week later while waiting on them arriving. That one didn't really do much so feels like a week is too long and got no benefit. Hope they arrive soon. Dr gives me 1 every two weeks, so due again next Mon. Last SI was monday this week, feeling very tired, stiff and sore at the moment. Only been on the 5mg Folic this week, asked Dr to prescribe them and she did despite telling me I didn't have PA ..... lol... would be funny if it wasn't so serious for us! Magnesium I only started yesterday at half the suggested daily dose.

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