Blood Test Readings

Hi clivealive, wedgewood, fbirder

I have finally been given my blood test readings by my GP's surgery after numerous phone calls!!

B12 - 483

Folate- 1.9

IF - Negative

I obviously realise that my Folate reading is very low and my GP is still advising that I just supplement with 10mg of Folic Acid. I would appreciate your feedback on whether this will be sufficient to help with my symptoms.

Many thanks

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  • Had you been taking any supplements for the months before the blood test?

    The B12 is certainly fairly high/normal (need to know the units (ng/L or pmol/L) and the folate is low.

    I would follow the doc's advice and take folic acid. Did they mean just one 10 mg dose, or 10 mg a day. The latter sounds a lot and I wouldn't keep it up for too long.

  • No I had not been taking any supplements before the blood test.

    I was told to take 10mg daily. How long do you advise taking this dose for? Unfortunately, my GP did not indicate what period of time I should take supplement for.

    Many thanks

  • I'd ask the GP. They may well want you to keep taking it until they retest, just to make sure that levels have got back up to something sensible.

  • I'd say the same as fbirder and hope the Folate processes the B12.

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