Vitamin B complex

I am currently in the middle of writing a letter to my gp regarding the withdrawal of my treatment due to high serum b12 !!!!!!! This is in another post.

In the meantime I am supplementing with 2x 5000 Swansons Methylcobalamine daily, I think others have said that to make the best of the b12 you should also take vit b complex as well, do any of the high street stores have a good one at reasonable prices?

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  • Kenbowns I'm not medically qualified but I've taken 1 – Folic Acid 400μg every day for as long as I can remember. They can be bought cheaply over the counter at any chemist. Folate is essential to process the B12 you are taking.

  • Yup, I'd go along with clivealive I got my folic acid from Tesco.

  • Hi clive and gambit

    I have just had 6 weeks on folic acid as my folate was also low. Last blood test showed my level at 22 so I think this will be ok for now.

    Any comments about the vit b complex pls ?

  • I'd also recommend Tesco for their B-Complex. 100% of daily recommended amounts for a good price.

  • Thanks fbirder and sorry for calling you gambit, morning fog lol.

  • that's ok on the name :)

    see how the sublinguals go - methyl doesn't suit everyone and there are some who find it does nothing for them - you can get sublinguals for hydroxo as well ... but you have to hunt for them ... and there are other was of supplementing but have a feeling I've mentioned that to you before.

  • Yes you have gambit and I will have to give them time, yet to introduce vit b complex hence my original post.

    Feeling some improvement but last jab of loading dose was 2 weeks ago so I could also hit a down slope too.

    Submitting a letter to gp next week for an explanation of cessation of my treatment (dangerously high serum b12 lol )

  • ask your GP to look into the incidence of functional B12 deficiency (lots in blood but not enough available at the cell level) in patients receiving B12 injections.

    the most dangerous thing about high levels in someone on shots is the reaction of doctors.

    hope you manage to get the shots reinstated soon.

  • You could print out this abstract from the BMJ to give your doc a start -

  • Thanks for the article.

    How do you interprete what it is saying ?

    Is it basically saying to concentrate on cell level b12 and not serum ?

    Sorry, all new to me.

  • It's saying what Gambit62 said above -

    Some people can have 'normal' or even high levels of B12 yet not enough gets into the cells to do a proper job.

    It's not very common, indeed rare. But the paper does show that it is a recognised phenomenon and, being from the BMJ, the sort of thing the doc can't ignore.

  • This is a great resource:

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