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had booster jabs. now low iron and still feel awful

I have been lucky enough to have the initial 6 booster jabs over two weeks and then one a month for 4 weeks (had 1). now a new blood test shows that my iron levels are down to 5.2 range 6.6-26. fourteen 18.7 range 14 - 233 transferring 3.7 range 2 - 3.6, cap fix transferrine 91.3 range 45-72, chef sat transferring 5.7 range 14-35%

folates remain high at 48, vitamin d down to 27 range 75-250

my b12 level is 4099 but is that right after having injections amounting to 7,000.

plaquettes 450 range 150-390

So taking d3 drops each week

should i be taking any other vitamins do you think? am off to see gastro tonight because of stomach pains and PA etc! Still feeling very very tired and lack of enthusiasm to do anything at all!

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On B12 you are comparing apples and cart-horses. The total amount you have received is no guide to what the concentration in your blood will be - lots of factors involved - and they are very different units.

Quite difficult to read the results above as I the terminology seems to have got lost in translation on a number of things.

Assuming that you aren't supplementing folate at the moment high folate results could be indicative that you have a methylation problem - this means that your body isn't able to process folate as efficiently as normal and use it in cells (and hence won't be able to use it to process and use B12 at the cell level). With folate this tends to result in the folate staying in the blood and hence tends to come out as high levels in the blood.

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