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High folate level

Can anyone advise me plz I received one blood test bk which showed a high folate level while receiving b12 injections, I have 2 loading injections to receive but today I am finding remembering what I've done over the week or yesterday so difficult that I've no recollection of ordering regular medications from the surgery. I don't want to keep bothering my gp but I'm a bit worried bout it.

Margie xx

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Hi Margie70,

I'm not an expert, but I know you need a good folate level to help absorb b12. So to my inexpert eye that would sound good, but I suppose it would depend on how many injections you have had, how long for, and what type of b12 it is.

Are you saying your memory lapse is a returning symptom or is this new? Maybe you are not getting the right dose of b12? As I say, I don't really know but if you don't get any replies from the experts here then try repisting with the extra information I've asked as it may help.

Meanwhike, don't worry about bothering your doctor, thst is what he is there forand gets paid the big bucks! What was your folate level anyway? :-)


Have you been supplementing with folic acid Margie?


Hi my gp gave me folic acid tablets to take not sure why I can't remember, my memory was like this before then it subsided then it's gotten worse from yesterday I think , it's embarrassing to have a conversation and forget the simple words. My family think oh it's nothing to worry about and expect me to just carry on but you know wat they can sod off . Have u ever been in a situation where if u are poorly then out of the blue ur partner is copying ur symptoms for attention well that's my life atm.

Sorry to bang on



You're not banging on :-). Sounds like you're having a hard time of it with your family. It's really tough when they don't understand. The high folate is probably because your GP will have given you 5mg tablets. They can get levels up pretty quickly.

If you are still having loading B12 injections, then you've probably still got B12 deficiency symptoms, which might explain your memory problems. I found that took a while to improve. But speak to your GP if you're worried.

I hope you start to feel better soon.

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Thank you so much xxx


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