High MCV level

Hello, I don't think my GP has actually said I have PA but agreed to give me a "trial" on the B12 injections. I tested positive for Gastric Paretial Cells and my B12 level at time of "trial" was 236. Apparently a previous test was lower but still within range, despite constant infections - hellicobacter pylori, hospitalised for suspected viral meningitis, shingles, extream tiredness, headaches, vitaligo, forgetfulness, depression, etc,etc.

I've had 8 injections since January with the last being 8/7. I've not had any relief except for the vitaligo completely cleared from my back (still on my face) and no longer having dry lips.

I decided to get a private FBC which was done on 6/8 and got the following results:

MCV - 99.5 (80 -99). RDW - 14.9 (11.5 -15). MPV - 12.9 (7-13)

White Cell Count - 11.97 (3.0 - 10.0). Neutrophils - 8.12 (2.0-7.5).

I asked my GP if I could have a jab every other day until no further improvement (have tingling) but have now been referred to a hemotologist.

What I would like to know is do you think I have PA and is it worth self medicating? Or could it be something else? My vitamin D level is low at 36 (35-?) and calcium is -203 (1.? - ?) which I am taking supplements for.

Thanks for reading. X

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  • Sorry forgot to mention that I have been tested for thyroid problems and Addisons which are clear.

  • Hi Mollyjane - have read your other posts and I cannot see any posts with your Thyroid results with ranges. It would be helpful if we could see them.

    It is a scandal the way you are being treated with regard to your B12 - have you seen/read the new guidelines ?

    Hypothyroidism and Low B12 do go hand in hand. You also mentioned on another thread that your Ferritin and Folate were fine - what were the results. Ferritin needs to be around 80/90 and Folate higher in the range rather than lower. Sadly Docs think that being 'in range ' is fine - sadly it is NOT. It needs to be OPTIMAL. I look forward to seeing your Thyroid test results.....and just remember that AD;s can skew them somewhat.....have forgotten where I read that. Probably well documented somewhere :-)

    Yes a High MCV indicates low B12 and I under stand ( from hampster1 ) that the range has been increased - not good - which makes your result even worse :-(

    momentum.nhs.uk/pathology/H... on anaemia.htm

  • Sorry forgot to mention VitD is LOW - what dose are you taking ? Again I would suggest the TPO anti-bodies suggest you have auto-immune issues going on which so often go hand in hand with LOW VitD.... I have Hashimotos - live in the sun - and take 10,000IU's daily :-)

  • Thanks for replying Marz. I am currently taking Vit D 400iu and calcium 600mg. 2 per day as prescribed. I asked my GP if this could be increased because my calcium levels were so low (and staying low) and was told that what I was taking was ok.

    I don't know what the results were for thyroid as this was done by the Endo and I would need a letter from my GP if I wanted copies. The only result that got mentioned and I remember was the TPO at 16. Which I was told I was not getting treatment for but I was to have a thyroid test annually to see if there were any changes.

    I have been tested a couple of times for folate and ferritin by my GP which have come back "fine" but on checking through my emails for private results I have come across a private blood test I had done in February with the following results: Folate 19 (4.6-18.7). Ferritin 74 (13-150). I can't believe I missed that - bl@@dy memory!!


  • Sorry getting confused with all these results. Thought the high result for the Folate meant it was going the wrong way.

  • thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/NHS_In...

    Hope this is helpful :-)

  • Thank you.

    If it does turn out to be low within the normal range where do I go from there?

  • .....sorry not sure to which test you are referring :-)

  • Sorry Marz, I meant the thyriod tests. If it turns out that I am in the low/normal range for underactive I'll still not get treatment from my GP.

  • thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin...

    The above will help you understand your results. If they only tested the TSH I am afraid that tells you very little. The FT4 and the FT3 also needs to be tested along with the Antibodies - anti-TPO and Anti-Tg.

    On the website I have given you above you can also arrange private testing with a discount....the Docs use the same labs so they have to take notice....

  • I've just ordered the advanced home blood test which includes all the tests you mention.

    I'll let you know how I get on.

    Thanks again. X

  • Wishing you all the best - will look out for your posts.... :-)

  • Sorry to bother you again. Would I be correct in saying that I should do the test early morning (7 ish)?

  • Yes having the test early is good - and it is to be a fasting test too - so best not to eat after an early evening meal....

  • Thanks

  • Hi Mollyjane,

    I think its best to not supplement now as you are going to see a haematologist. The haematologist will do lots of tests and it will be best if you are not supplementing with anything other than what is prescribed by your GP. The hellicobacter pylori may still be there etc, its best to wait and see what comes from your appointment I think,

    Kind regards,


  • Thanks again Marre. I know you are right about waiting I'm just so desperate to feel well (- honestly can't remember how that feels as its been years and years).

    The hellicobacter I had previously was found because I had symptoms of IBS. The treatment didnt make me feel any better and later I discovered the IBS was being caused by the amount of paracetamol and caffeine I was taking for my headaches ( up to 10 tabs per day). I had to be paracetamol free for the Addisons test. I still have the headaches (now think its because of a sore back - get my husband to crack it to get relief) but now take Ibruprofen. Will it ever stop?!!


  • I hope you will eventually get the right treatment and will feel better than you do now. Its just impossible to say this is what's wrong and that will help. HP is notoriously difficult to get rid of so it may have come back or never completely left etc. Its best to get all the tests, then hopefully something obvious is found and the right treatment gioven. I know its hard to wait, and I sure hope it will be worth it for you! Marre.

  • I'll let you know how things go.


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