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High Folate and high B12


I have been diagnosed with pernicious anemia. I have been on b12 injections for about 5 years now and am taking 1 per month. At last check, my b12 serum was 1,000 and my folate was in the high range. Obviously there's an issue converting the b12 and it's just pooling, right? How do I fix this?

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Could be that too much folate is affecting your B12 levels, if you go by what Sally Pacholok presents in the film, Could it be B Thyroid. In it a doctor warns the public that the addition of folate to bread and other things could push people already low in B12 down to dangerously low levels. I gather that you need B12 to absorb folate and folate to absorb B12, but that there is a balance. I must admit that I am not sure of the mechanism. Do you have any thyroid issues?

Yes, I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis. I also have fibromyalgia, along with low vitamin D. All 3 of these are treated and currently in ideal states.

Well, good luck. Maybe it is a case of high folate depressing B12.

Polaris in reply to Astridnova

I agree Astridnova.

Quote from Ralph Green, MD, PhD - Medical Pathology - at the very end of the film:

"Individuals with low B12 and high folate had more neuro-cognitive deficits than individuals with low B12 WITHOUT high folate".

I saw this in my close relative, vegan/vegetarian, with high folate and low B12. I, therefore, inject every other day with B12 but choose not to supplement folic acid, apart from that in the occasional B complex supplementation.


Astridnova in reply to Polaris

Thanks for that Polaris. I was ready to think I had imagined it. It would be good to know the mechanism or process he is referring to.

fbirder in reply to Astridnova

No, you don't need B12 to absorb folate, nor do you need folate to absorbed B12 (and absorption is irrelevant when injecting).

1000 isn't high for somebody on one jab a month.

Are you taking folate supplements?


as per fbirder - 1000 isn't high for someone on monthly injections - your levels will be off the scale immediately after an injection and then just fall as your kidneys remove excess B12.

Serum B12 isn't a test you can use to manage a B12 deficiency after loading shots and whilst on maintenance doses - you need to go on symptoms. Are you still symptomatic? and are you on cyanocobalamin?

B12 is used with folate for some key processes so if you don't have enough folate those processes won't run efficiently in your cells.

the PAS did a survey a few years ago which found that patients being treated for PA needed levels of 1000pmol/L to feel well.

My b12 is 2000 and folate high as was supplementing folic acid 5mg per day and on 3 monthly injections.

I'm having lots of symptoms but unsure of what's happening. I have a feeling it's also just pooling in my blood.

I also have Hashimotos.

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