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Has anyone out there used the dried version of Methylcobalamin to dissolve with 10 ml of saline. Every 0.5 of the preparation then contains 1mg of Methylcobalamin. How much is a normal dose of MeCbl? A normal dose of Hydroxocobalamin is 1mg. Is it the same for the Methyl? Am anxious to find out,as 6 months of Hydroxo hasn't helped my numb feet one iota. 10 ml of the solution would provide 20x 0.5 injections of 1 mg strength . Does anyone know how long this could be kept at say 5degrees celsius in the fridge? I think that Methyl is much more volatile than Hydroxo, which doesn't require refrigeration. Would be really grateful for any information. I have the kit now, but not the required knowledge. Thank-you.

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Read the destructions you lazy so and so...

Well, go on then. I didn't read them properly at first either!

It says that once mixed (I haven't got the instructions in front of me) to wrap the little jar in tin foil and keep out the light but it's not necessary to refridgerate. (I can't spell today...) It also says that once mixed it will keep to the end date of the original powder - I think mine was 2017. I should go read it really.

I only use a small amount anyway for injecting. I don't go for 1ml.

You want to know what I think of the product?

I thought it was excellent.

I've had real, real problems with my right leg recently - I don't know what's happening. But since my left thigh has atrophy the right one going is a real worry.

Yet today is the best day I've had with my legs for 5 weeks!

I only had the injection yesterday.

Now I'll go read the instructions.

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I'm sure I wrote that I had trouble getting the saline from the pod into the bottle - anyway, I used a syringe, your pods may be different.

It says that if you keep it in the dark after it's mixed it will last until the expiry date. And you can put it in the fridge if you want but it's not necessary.

You've got 1mg of methy to every 0.5ml solution. And 10mls would last you ten injections if you prefer the larger dose of 1ml.

I only use about .20 ml. but it can be different for everyone.

Good luck!


Poppett...Hope your legs keep getting better. About being hard to get the saline into the bottle...Does the bottle have a rubber seal or only the cap? If there is a seal I can make a suggestion that might help.



Only a cap - but make the suggestion anyway because it might come in handy some time!


Okay! If a bottle of diluent, eg, normal saline, has rubber over the opening you need to take empty syringe with needle affixed and pull plunger down to equal the amount of diluent you will be withdrawing. Insert needle through rubber (first clean rubber with alcohol wipe) into container and press syringe plunger to insert the air. Then, when you draw up saline there will be no vacuum and it will easily go up into syringe.

After adding the diluent to the dried drug, unless there are conflicting instructions on medication container, roll the drug/liquid container between your hands gently to mix rather than shake, as latter may cause bubbles to form.

If you plan to inject yourself right after mixing (reconstituting) the drug you should first put a new needle on the syringe.

Also, try to have a healthcare provider demonstrate process of self-injection, including choice of where to inject, cleansing of area and other important information. I've tried to find what I consider a good website about this but so far no success...either too detailed, not detailed enough, etc. This has probably been discussed here before so maybe someone can suggest a site?


Thank you!

In the UK it's quite difficult to get a healthcare provider to teach how to give injections, although some do manage it. It's to do with the fact that all injectible medications are prescribed and so you're not supposed to nip off on your own, or at least they are not supposed to condone it.

One answer has been to contact local substance abuse clinics who have nurses giving instructions and checking up on drug users - they are usually very helpful people!

You also have the issue that some people inject IM and some subcut. IM is more difficult/risky so some training would be nice. Sub cut - easy peasy with teeny, weeny needles and you don't know it's happening!


You're welcome. I'm curious about how people are choosing the route...sub-q or IM. Any light on that?


There are two schools of thought. Some people believe that IM is best because the b12 has a longer effect - but I've seen research supporting the fact that both IM and SA are more effective than each other.

That seems to be the main reason for choosing IM.

I've never done or had done, IM, so I can't comment on how long the effects are, but I don't find that I have to inject too often these days (I do believe you can last longer once you get past the 3 year period)

I chose SA because it's less traumatic for me (when you first self inject it is a little worrying) but also because my muscles are damaged - I don't want to go upsetting them anymore, they've had enough. Also I am very thin - well under 45kgs now - you can't expect anything different if you take into consideration I've never had any care or rest, so sticking a long needle into my arm or leg (and I can only do my left arm myself) would really be a little silly.

- I remember a doctor saying even when I was around 53kgs that sticking a long needle into my arm was 'cruel.'

Sub acute is so quick and easy, particularly with the methyl, that it's not worth bothering about.

Other folk may find differently though!


Here is a site that is intended to teach insulin injection. However, it is the subcutaneous (SQ) route and can be applied to injecting B12. You can go through the steps, or choose where to begin by looking at illustrarions for each step. I think this is good info, and look forward to others' opinions here on site.


I tried to list the link that would take reader to the choice of seeing the different screens but it seems to revert to another method. So I advise you



(Continued) ...to click on "View All" at site noted above. Leilani


Thank-you poppet 11.I lost the instructions----thank goodness for folk like you.

So glad that you have benefitted from the Methyl. All the best to you!


Well don't forget to wrap the little jar in tin foil to keep the light out.

I tell you what - I had some of my standard stuff last week and it didn't make any difference. But I swear this lot has - well my leg is definitely the best it's been for weeks.


That's interesting - where did you get it from and how much?


oxfordbiosciences.com/vitam... But you have to get the saline from a separate source.

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