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Methylcobalamin Nasal Spray

Has anyone tried Methylcobalamin nasal spray from B-Amazing? I was diagnosed with b12 deficiency about 10 years ago, unsatisfied with treatment from the NHS I started self injecting with Hydroxocobalamin. I was doing well but now feel tired again and therefore looking for alternative or additional treatment options. I have heard some people use nasal sprays in addition to injections with good effect. I would be interested in hearing your experiences.

I am however a little worried that it may not work, I tried Methylcobalamin injections, no effect, I have also tried Methylcobalamin boost spray from Holland and Barrett, again no effect. I experienced great relief from symptoms when I increased my Hydroxo injections but now feel that I am falling ill again. Desperately trying to work it out. Groan!

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Also, I have just been reading on the B-Amazing website and it says this regarding premixed B12 ampoules :-


All forms of B12 degrade in liquid when subjected to light. Pre-mix B12 ampules are barely 40% active by the time they reach the average customer. Conversely B-Amazing consumers produce the pure Vitamin B12 solution immediately before self administering and so receive completely fresh, 100% active content.

I wonder if there is any truth in this, any thoughts? experiences?

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Yes, it is true that B12 solutions will degrade if exposed to light.

Do I believe that all pre-made solutions (which are normally in brown glass vials) have degraded by 60%? Nope. Not in a million years would I believe that. I challenge them to provide any per-reviewed evidence for such a claim.

Indeed, I think I may cancel my (2 week old) order of methylcobalamin from them. Because if they lie about that they could be lying about anything.


Hi autoimmune annie. i haven't tried the B Amazing product, but would be very interested to hear of anyone who has and how they found it.



Folate is needed for the B12 to be absorbed properly. Needs to be towards the top of the range. Have they tested it recently ?


My folate was tested in April of this year, it was just above normal at 5. I was informed that anything greater than 4 is normal but I know this is not optimal. I am taking Methylfolate daily 400mg in an attempt to increase it.


Hello I am now considering B12 Nasal spray my Folate was 19.6 and said abnormal but Doctor said nothing . B12. Was 254 my question. Is will the B12 Nasal spray work if Folate is showing abnormal ? and what should I consider taking


My insurance would not cover the nose spray from the doctor. found a rub in cream from Vita Sciences Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin Cream that works for me. Use it in addition to injections. Took me about two weeks daily use to see the effect. but now provides even results. No energy dips or symptoms flares like before


I've tried both the nasal spray and the boost oral spray. The first one was difficult to administer, difficult to know how much you'd used and some would drip down the back of my throat. The oral spray would produce a lot of liquid, but to let it be sublingual I'd have it in and around my tongue for ages. It could have been me being inept though, on both counts!


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