Best place to source injectable hydroxocobalamin

Hi all what is the best place to source injectable hydroxocobalamin? I had bee on it but my GP took me off (see other posts) and have been taking methylcobalamin but I think hydroxocobalamin suits me better.

I know some of you get it from Germany, I know how to take it so German instructions not an issue,


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  • I use If you're used to the .uk site then it's fairly easy to navigate as the setup is very similar.

  • Yes, it's easy, using Amazon de(German Amazon). Search for" Vitamin B12 Ampullen", and when you get thepictures ,pick the yellow packet, marked HEVERT. The other white packages are Cynocobalamin. Hevert also offer B12 Hydroxo with Folate(FOLSAURE) so unless that's what you want be careful not to choose it! Cost----10.32 Euros for 10x1mg .They come in 2ml of saline. P&P 14.50 Euros. Might be worth buying 2 packets as I don't think the P&P is any dearer!

  • Hi it is near the top and says "Vitamin B12 depot hevert" 1000ug then "Bei vitamin B12 Mangel" (google literal translate says "for B12 lack of"). Can't see it marked with folate.

    Assume one ampule at a time?

    Price is 10.75 Euro, is this correct? Thanks

  • Sorry I've been making a fish pie!c Vtamin B12 depot hevert !000ug is right, but I just looked it up and it cost 10.32 Euro. for 10 ampoules. This is the same that is sold on Goldpharma, where people have been having problems. Best of luck to you.

  • Hi it is not letting me set up an account I used google translate and worked out "I am a new customer" and says "

  • Are you already signed up with Amazon u.k.? I am and have never had a problem. I don't know if having the translation mode on makes a difference.I don't use that, because sometimes it's ridiculous. It just translates literally! Also I am a German speaker .At the check-out I have to put in my Amazon password---then it all goes through. Try it without translation. it is set up exactly the same as amazon U.K. In the meantime if you are stuck, I can GIVE you some ampoules if you can message me privately with your address(I don't know how to do this!)

  • Think I managed now! I have an email and translated it as "your order will be processed"


  • Wedgwood, how often are you injecting now? I have neuro symptoms and feel awful.. Thanks

  • I am now injecting once a fortnight. My worst symptom was numb feet, which I have now got rid of. But they still burn. Think I'm stuck with that.

  • I have sent a direct message let me know if you haven't received it thanks

  • Also, did you say "card is in pounds sterling"? Thanks

  • Yes that's right. Doing it the first time is a bit tricky really!

  • Already have an account, got confused with the German!

  • If you want to buy from, first set up an account with so that all your payment options are already established.

    Now, when you want to order from, open the site in one tab of your browser, and open in another tab. Pretend to order something from, and as you do each step, copy the step on with the B12. The sites are identical except for the language, so by looking at the .uk buttons on each page, you will know which button to click in on the .de site. Obviously don''t complete the purchase on the .uk site (unless it is something that you actually want to buy).

  • Or, if you want to make it easier, on the left of Mein Konto (My Account) and below Amazon Prime (at least as I see it right now), there are the letters DE over a tiny World graphic. Click on them and choose whichever is your preferred language:

    English - EN - Translation

    Nederlands - NL - Vertaling

    Polski - PL - Tłumaczenie

    Türkçe - TR - Çeviri

  • The syringes that come with this Thai-sourced stuff are the little 1 ml insulin syringes with orange needles. Useless for IM injections.

  • Sorry, but I don't buy from spammers.

  • please can i ask why the 1ml syringes are useless and which ones are best ?

  • I use 25G (blue) and 23G (green); both 1.25 inch long. Blue to inject and the green to draw from ampules. Source: needle exchange in UK

  • so, the needle needs to be that long then ? as the 1ml syringes that i have the needle is half an inch long

  • Half-inch needles are OK for subcutaneous injection (into the layer of fat just beneath the skin). For most people they are too short to get throug the skin and fat layer and then get far enough into the muscle.

    I use one inch needles, but I have an unusually thin layer of fat over my thigh muscles (and far too much elsewhere).

  • Thank you


  • I tried to edit my post as I made a mistake on gauges and colours. It should be: 23G = blue; 21G = green. I think some on here go even thinner with 25G which i believe are orange. Barrels I use are 2.5ml. I use the long needles as i inject intramuscular into the big thigh muscle. Rarely get any pain at all and not much blood either. Even if it was painful it beats the zombie-like state without the jabs.

  • Thank you for that... I quite agree, i would take any pain to get my life back :) The times i have injected myself i have not felt anything at all


  • To ensure you get all the liquid out of the ampoule you'll need to suck a lot of air into the syringe - like a little kid drinking the last dregs with a straw. If you try taking up 1 ml with a 1 ml syringe then you stand a change of pulling the plunger out of the end of the syringe.

    2 ml syringes make this much easier.

  • Thank You <:)

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