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hydroxocobalamin/Acne advice

I have been battling with acne since I was about 15 I'm now 25 .. I've managed to get my skin about 90% clear due to changing of life style etc .. I am now wondering if the jab I get of hydroxocobalamin every 3 months from my nurse is keeping the bad skin around.

The reason why I write this post is because, I have recently purchased 10x1ml vials of hydroxocobalamin because I'm planning on self injecting due to I still felt symptoms when I was on the quarterly jabs.

Yesterday was the first time I've had a hydroxocobalamin injection since Sept 2014 and before that I was mega dosing on 5mg methyl tablets that dissolve under your tongue which didn't seem to work for my energy at all but I did notice the day before my injection two new pimples quite red too, I'm wondering if it is the methyl form of b12 that sets me off. I am not sure whether the hydroxocobalamin that I received 1ml is going to make my skin bad because it was bad before I even got jabbed.

I guess my question is .. I was thinking of injecting 0.5ml per week (subcutaneous) .. I am wondering if that is a high dose to be injecting per week or that it will all add up and give me bad skin or other unpleasant side effects, I don't mind head aches so much as long as it doesn't mess up my skin and make me have the acne I used to have because it was a nightmare.

What would be your advice on how much I should inject hydroxocobalamin to begin with? .. maybe because I would be injecting subcutaneously it wouldn't be getting into my system as fast not causing bad skin or other symptoms I don't know, I can only speculate but id like to hear others on if they have experienced skin issues or other side effects while taking regular hydroxocobalamin and was it just with the loading does or when you first started to take regular amounts of hydroxocobalamin or did it still persist to this day even though its been a while, just a constant problem every time its injected.

I read one guys theory that it might be your immune system flushing out or kicking back into touch with the hydroxocobalamin being regularly injected but don't know if this holds any weight to it.

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Hi ,

Some old posts about acne and B12 and how others dealt with it, see:

I can not help with sub cutain injections, have never done it, I would not know, others here may,

Kind regards,



Hi, I inject methylcobalamin and I still get pimples 15 months down the line! I even get them on my ear lobes, definitely related to the injections. They were much worse when I was taking B12 sublingially between the injections. I just put on tea tree oil which I get from Holland and Barratt and they dry up quickly.


Not sure if this bit of info will help in any way, ignor if not Krealan ?

I've started taking vitamin A around a month ago for my eyes and found out recently that vitamin A is also used for clearing up acne in teenagers, I did think my skin was getting softer and more radiant on my face, what a bonus :)


I've never heard taking vitamin A helps I will check that information out!! although I've heard many times Vit D3 helps a lot


D3 is excellent, I was found to be vitamin D deficient.

D3 has helped cure my tailbone pain, lower back pain, stiffness when getting up out of chairs or bed in the morning, my restless legs at night, hip pain (thought I needed new hips) and sciatica leg pains.

My Doctor prescribed a 1000iu dose and told me 'tailbone pain' I would have to just live with, there was no cure. I felt some easing of pains on 1000iu, but all pains came back at the end of the week, so I upped my dose after looking on the www.vitamindcouncil for safe dose amounts and found my higher daily dose of 5000iu takes away all my above pains.

If I forget to take my daily D3 my body soon lets me know.


Curious question you said you were lacking vitamin D .. was your hair ever bad because of that, hair thinning or hair loss maybe?

I've heard that D3 is amazing for your skin/hair and that losing your hair could be down to your low D levels, so I wonder if your hair got better because of you upping your D3


Maybe D3 can do so for some krealan, but for me D3 has not helped my hair, otherwise it would be nice and long by now.

At one time it did start to regrow, but I could not pin point why or what had caused it to start regrowing, but not for long, my shorter bits which blend in quite well (at the moment ;) ) have got shorter on their own again. :(

I have now changed my Thyroid medication Levothyroxine to Natural Dessicated Thyroid, many who have changed over find their hair regrows and they feel warmer inside. I can only but hope. ;)

Biotin, zinc, and ferritin are all meant to help, might be an idea to check these ones out too, can't remember if there are any more connected to hair. ?

If you do find the answer K, please let me know too. :)


I will let you know, this is my new regime.

Injecting b12 0.5ml per week

Folic acid 800ug per day (might stop if levels get higher)

Iron 10mg

D3 10,000 IU for 2 weeks then 5,000 IU per day (forever maybe)

I've lately started to take saw palmetto 1000mg per day.

Oh quick tip, make sure you take your d3 with a meal because its better absorbed with a meal.


What was your b12 blood level at before injecting Krealan ?

Hubby's and my b12 were both LOW, (within range,) so we supplement with daily 5mg B12.

Folic acid I use to take then left it off after reading about it, cannot remember what it was now.

I have never heard of saw palmetto before, do tell me what it is and used for ?

Yes D3 is a fat soluble vitamin as is vitamin A and need to be taken with fatty foods. I have been on this for a while now, this vitamin gave me my strength back in my bones, almost over night. :)

I take my D3 in a pill that has added K2.

Must say even today the dry skin on my face seems yet again improved, I was wondering if this would also apply to other skin parts of my body too such as hands and feet and soften them up too. I also have a couple of small skin sun spots I am keeping an eye on due to other pre cancer spots removed, wondering if having vitamin A will sort these out too or maybe put a stop to any more appearing , you never know. :) Just thoughts of course ;)

Did you Google 'Acne' and 'vitamin A' Krealan ?


The vitamin D council states:

'The answer to these questions is generally that it does not matter. Vitamin D is passively absorbed in the lower part of the small intestine (the jejunum and ileum), at least in rats. Surprisingly, one study found that absorption with a very high fat diet decreased vitamin D absorption in rats by 30%.'

So much conflicting stories online, can't keep up with them.

I can't remember my b12 level when I was low this was 5 years ago but I do know every 3 months doesn't cut it with my body so I'm self injecting sub cut.

*saw palemetto* is a supplement that blocks DHT, testosterone turns into DHT in your body, studies have show that too much DHT in your body can cause hair loss normally in males, its also good for your prostate, reduces risk of prostate cancer etc.

On a side note, I'm getting pretty fed up with incompetent Doctors ... so I went to the Doc the other day and he gave me a slip to have my body taken so it can be tested, he even said himself I think your *iron* might be low, I had no idea what ferritin was before looking on these forums but I guess they need to test your ferritin levels for iron .. so I looked at the slip and only my *FBC and B12/Folate* is ticked ... he forgot to tick ferritin ... how can you say 'oh I think your iron is low' and then not have them check for it .. sigh / fed up


Ask the nurse to test ferritin when you go for your blood tests saying your GP said most probably iron low so he must have forgotten to add ferritin to have it checked.


Yes,! there are so many conflicting stories on line, you have to listen to them all and make your own decisions, that's for sure :)

That is good you are self medicating in between your prescribed medication Krealan, best to listen to what your body tells you as it is only you who it affects.

Doctor's can only guess what your body needs, I go by if I'm in pain then I'm not medicated enough.

Now I know what saw palemetto is K, learn something new everyday. (worth knowing though.)

When you go into get your bloods taken can you not mention to the Nurse that you think the Doctor might have forgotten to put it on the slip, I have done this before and was glad I asked.

Yes Doctors, some are brilliant at their jobs, but some need a lot more training in certain areas, I certainly would not like to be a Doctor these days, I'd be off with stress for sure ;)


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