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What should i do? (Results)

so after many years of extreme fatigue, dizziness plus many more i got my b12,folate and ferritin done privately,

Vitamin B12 166 250 - 725 pmol/l

Folate 11.02 10.4 - 42.4 nmol/L

Ferritin 62.1 30 - 400 ug/L

i spoke to my GP and he said they want to do there own .... so i thought great lol. Got the results back, the full blood count was normal except the lymphocyte count was higher then normal 4.5 1.0 - 3.5 . it says no further action required but my b12 results etc were

B12 222 197.0 - 866.0 pg/ml

Folate 4.8 4.6 - 18.7 ng/ml

Ferritin 44 30.0 - 400.0 ng/ml

also a note saying "a folate result at the lower end of the normal range may not exclude folate deficiency if clinically suspected"

it all says no further action but iv decided to start supplementing methly b12 lozenges now, what other advice would you guys give? should i also try a folate or iron supplement as there very low normal?

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I should go back to your doctor and ask to be treated correctly for your symptoms. Do you have any of the neuro symptoms as well? If you do then take the NICE guidelines with you, highlighted maybe, and ask to be treated accordingly. If you're not supplementing then you could ask for MMA and homocysteine to be tested to find out more about the b12 in your body. Your levels are all reasonable low and the doctor should be looking at your symptoms. You could ask for a trial of the loading doses of b12 injections, along with folic acid and iron supplements, and then regular injections of as close as you can get him/her to prescribe. Three monthly is what 'they' are likely to want to prescribe but if you have neurological symptoms then alternate day injections are in the guidelines. Either way, yes I think you do need iron and folic acid, but also a good B supplement and B12 too. It can't hurt to try all this so give it a try at the doctor's.


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