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Intestinal Metaplasia

Hi since my last writing I wanted to expand on my condition and hope I can get more insight. All have been so helpful here. I went for a colonoscopy and an endoscopy and from these tests I have found that not only do I have pernicious anemia but also intestinal metaplasia. As I said earlier, I was given a prescription for injectable b12 cyanocobalamin 1,000mcg for 5 straight days. But as others have reported, within a 2 week period I was right back fatigue wise where I started from. I was also taking before my tests (but have stopped) pantoprazole sodium 40mg. These type of pills are good for several days, but my cough returns and I really have no use for them. AND then I've read that medical journals have found that these type of treatment, have really not shown any improvement in their studies.

I have read on this site and others that maybe another form of liquid B12 may be better, if this didn't work out. I am not absorbing any b12, obviously under my tongue nor thru my b12 complex vitamins, etc.

I do know that my immune system is shot due to being a two time cancer survivor, so I was hoping that I can feel strong enough to even exercise more than 15 minutes. I just get too tired. I'm over 60 but I have a lot of hope for myself. I do keep on pushin...............................

Does anyone out there have a similar problem? By the way, I live in the USA. THANK YOU.

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I hope you find the help you need.

Some medicines can affect the uptake of b12 in the body.

I have read that people need good levels of folate and ferritin (iron) for B12 treatment to work well.

The amount of B12 people need is very individual. Some people need more than the standard treatment.

The PAS website is full of useful info.


Have you read "Could It Be b12" by Sally Pacholok. I read the whole book. I think she is from the USA.

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People respond very differently to different forms of b12 - cyano is the form used in the US - hydroxo is the one used in UK, europe. Other forms are methyl and adenosyl.

Getting hold of other forms in the US can, I understand, be quite difficult.

On average people retain hydroxo twice as long as they retain cyano (1060s study) but there was a huge variation and some people actually retained hydroxo for less time than cyano. cyano and hydroxo are the most stable forms of b12.

Think you can get other forms over the counter in Canada ... and think there is somewhere in florida ... or california that does methyl ... but really don't have the details and it would be a question of hunting through posts to find the details.

Suspect that you probably won't be able to get the cyano without a prescription so won't be able to try using it more frequently.

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