As i am in the "Normal Low Range" although my GP insists i am Normal B12 Range 155ng/L Range 130-800 could anyone explain if Homocysteine level tests is given in the NHS GP's Complete Blood Count and what would the abbreviation letters be in result?

I was advised by a neurologist that to check for true deficiency would be to test homocysteine in serum & urine as well as serum methylmalonic acid. If those numbers are elevated then, the 155ng/L likely represents a deficient state.

CBC was Normal , Serum Folate was Normal ferritin, Normal.All other values in Range.


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  • No homocysteine and MMA are special tests usually only done in hospitals as they need processed quickly . Your level is low according to BCSH guidelines and should be treated if symptomatic.

  • Homocysteine and MMA are waste products that build up if you are deficient in B12 which is why they can help clarify if you are B12 deficient.

    The serum B12 test isn't extremely accurate as it looks at all B12 in your blood, not just the active forms that your body can actually use at the cellular level.

    As Secondchance says your levels are quite low even if they come back in what is called 'normal' range they are certainly in the grey range where people can have strong clinical signs of deficiency. In the UK the NICE guidelines recommend treating on the basis of symptoms if serum B12 is in the grey range which is basically anything below 450-500 because the risks of permanent damage if neurological symptoms are evident is something that needs to be avoided.

    Good that your Haematologist is recommending looking at homocysteine and MMA to clarify.

  • Thank-you Both, Secondchance & Gambit62,

    for explaining these facts i am very grateful for your kind input

    in answering my question and clarifying this is a separate test too.

    Good Luck


  • Hi,

    Have you asked if you can have an "Active B12 test" ? This should cost about £20 through GP if they are willing to organise it. It is possible to have it done privately.


    Have you seen paper copies of your test results? I have been told over the phone that test results were "normal" then when I got copies, they weren't....

    You are entitled to have copies but there will probably be a charge for this.

    I've posted a lot of links on recent posts in the past week which I think you'll find useful but too tired today.

    Have a look at


  • Hi Sleepybunny

    thank you for your kind advice and also the links i will get copies as you suggest.

    I will return to GP with all the info, not always easy when you've been told by GP Normal! Problem with seeing GP's is some of them really

    need to keep up with the new data and Guidelines but prefer to follow the principle of old time regimes" one hat fits all approach"in the Grey Normal result.

    Thanks again


  • Hi again Sleepingbunny

    Click here to read the NEQAS B12 alert.

    Do you have another link to NEQAS as the one i tried says its been tranfered to Birmingham!

    Hope you have your energy back today,



  • Hi Sleepimgbunny forget that last reply just found it thanks


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