Pernicious Anaemia Society

Complex B

I am currently using this which does not have high dosages of anything, but I am a bit concerned about the citric acid ruining teeth even tho the spray contains xylitol.

When I compare the dosages to for example Solgar complex B those are much higher, but some of it might not be absorbed. Also most of them contain cyanocobalamin and before trying BetterYou B12 oral spray and solgar sublingual I was using some cheap brand of complex B and it made me feel awul, I had rapid heart rate and panicky feelings and linked it to cyanocobalamin instead of other B's.

I have no idea whether I have issues with folic acid, tho in BetterYou multivit spray I have no issues with it.

I guess in the worst case one can cut the pills in half not to get too much of it. That is how I always start a new supplement to see whether it works for me. I just want to find proper complex B and not end up buying tons of different brands.

Everything over here in FInland costs tons more. I just realized the multivit spray is 3 times more expensive over here!! That is so wrong.


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