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Should I be taking a B Complex along with my injections?


Hi all,

So I've seen a lot of conflicting information as to whether I should be taking a B Complex or just folic acid with B 12 injections.

I am already taking methylfolate but am going to switch to folic acid as I don't tolerate methyfolate well! (It makes me anxious) but then I've read about how getting loading doses of B12 uses up other B Vitamins & I should be supplementing with a B Complex?

I'm just very confused, I also don't know whether I should be taking a "High Potency" B Complex or a regular one that provides 100% RDA for all of them. I am aware of the dangers of high dosage supplementation, I only take Vitamin C, D, fish oils and iron.

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Everyone is different so it's best to experiment and find out what works for you.

As well as my B12 jabs and sublinguals I take folic acid tablets, a good multivitamin and mineral supplement (I've looked at lots and Tesco's one is good and good value) and then ensure I eat and drink lots of potassium rich things plus use LoSalt. Some people need additional magnesium, etc.

Be careful to start with a basic balance and adjust one thing at a time if you think you need it. Add it in gradually until you don't get any further improvement. Then reduce the amount until you see a return of the symptoms. If they don't return you can assume this wasn't the problem afterall and therefore don't need to supplement. If you do feel worse, increase the amount again to the minimum you need to stay well.

Be aware all nutrients are interdependent and if you change one thing too much it may cause problems with the absorption of something else, and some things like B12 and B9 are safer than others, eg B6 and potassium.

Blood tests are a good starting guide but listen to your body carefully - afterall the idea is to eliminate your symptoms as your body is already under undesirable pressure before you feel ill.

Good luck!


A good B complex shouldn't be a problem.

You might find this useful

gives you recommended upper limits for vitamins and an indication of why set at those levels.

Its a bit old now and you can also search the efsa site for details of more recent thoughts on particular vitamins

I'm not an expert but if your feeling like this you may well have the MTHFR gene and it would not be a good to take folic acid, people with this gene have problems like your feeling when taking B12, it happened to my daughter and she could not understand why, so she did the 23&me test and she had a double mutatation, so I know I have at least one, of the MTHFR.

Hope this helps you work things out.😊

sami0x in reply to Leothelion

Hiya, I've just had a look on the site, I have had bad reactions with methylcobalin & methylfolate but this site seems to recommend them. Did you order the MTHFR test online?

Leothelion in reply to sami0x

My daughter got hers from super drug, then posted it, takes about 3 weeks, from what I read if you have a double copy of the gene that's when the B12 make you feel worst, I'm going to do the test as I know I have just the 1 mtgfr, and I take methyl B12 and seem to be ok.

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