Where do any Americans get their b12 injections?

Hey guys! Anyone on here order methyl or hydroxo from a website? I was thinking about it since it might be easier than relying on my dr to source it for me. I know it's over the counter in a lot of countries but here and I have no issue getting cyano but I'd rather on my own terms buy the other kinds instead of waiting on my dr to order it for me :p

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  • Can you get it sent to you from Germany? I'm in the UK and use versandapo.de which has been very good.

  • It's impossible to advise you since you haven't said what country you're in.

  • America? It said in the title

  • Sorry - I'm in UK and we always wish that we had easy access to B!2 the same way as in the US.

    I'd always thought that there was no problem in America.

    I know how to buy methylcobalamin here in the UK - from these people intravita.uk/ -but you might have problems getting it through Customs.

  • Thank you. Cyanocobalamin is the only one prescribed here to the pharmacies. My dr said my pharmacy wouldn't fill a methylcobalamin and he'd have to get it himself for me special order. I just don't want to have to rely on him ya know?

  • I saw the site. Don't think I could order from it but interesting the rave about drip vitamins and IV. I get what's called a "push" twice a month in an IV magnesium, methylcobalamin and b complex. Takes a few minutes. I feel a lot better for a bit though that's for sure! Wish it was free and could do it weekly haha

  • Canada!

  • Do you make a trip there or do you get it off a website? If so please share! I know cyano is very easy to get from websites but I'm looking for methylcobalamin or hydroxocobalamin

  • Please see my response on this post

    gives links to some other posts on sourcing B12 in the US


  • I used to buy my B12 from Trim Nutrition. They're based out of Florida. They basically skirted the prescription requirement by having people answer a few questions about their health and then having their on staff doctor 'prescribe' the injectable. I was buying cyano, but I know they also sold methyl.

    I stopped purchasing from them when their prices suddenly drastically increased (prompted by some regulatory changes in batch testing). As I understand it now, the FDA is starting to crack down on any injectables that would last longer than 30 days being dispensed. So we're basically being told by the FDA that we need to 1. Go through the inconvenience of getting a refill every single month for the rest of our lives and 2. Pay through the nose for all that additional packaging.

    It used to cost about $10 to get a 10ml vial of cyano. It costs $7.50 to get a 1ml vial now. That's a 650% price increase and the 10ml vials are no longer available because it is assumed that no one needs more than one injection a month.

    I used to be able to buy a 30ml vial of cyano from Trim Nutrition. I don't know if they even still offer that product.

  • Goodnes.. yeah the month thing. I don't worry about that since the ones I hve from my dr are either 10ml vial or 1ml ones but he said the same thing.

    Oh yes. Mycare.de needs a language translator but they sell hydroxo for cheap! Just have to go through these long steps a couple friends of mine use they reached out and told me about the site.

  • My understanding is you can get 10 1ml vials for around 8 dollars or 100 1ml vials for 80 I think

  • Where? I'd like that deal much better than the $7.50 per vial I previously paid at my pharmacy.

  • I've been told b12site.com looks like a Canadian pharmacy but is shipped from AZ (haven't ordered from there). Another is medsupplystore.net which is in San Diego, I've ordered from them.

    I also have bought from Canada, biosense.com. A previous order was held in customs for nearly a month then returned to Canada. I think the problem was there were syringes in the order which likely showed up on package x-rays. I reordered without syringes and my order just arrived today. I've learned that I can buy up to 30 insulin syringes OTC in my state, California. Laws on syringes vary by state and sometimes county so you'll have to investigate it.

  • You can get them from VitaminB12Online.com the shipping is worldwide and the shipping is included in the price.

  • In the US you can try DEFY MEDICAL, they have Methylcobalimin. Canadian Pharmacy World has Hydroxocabalimin.

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