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B complex versus individual Bs??

Pursuant to all the good posts about vitamin B1/thiamine HCL, is there a difference or benefit to taking B vitamins individually as opposed to taking a B complex? I've been taking a "super" B complex which includes 100 mg a B-1. Should I switch to taking B1, B3, B6 individually?

One other thing I've never understood about multiple vitamins, is that there seems to be more milligrams in total from the individual vitamins than the weight of the pill itself??

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I take a multi plus an allithiamine. Regarding the weight issue, have you checked to see if they are referring to more than one pill?

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I have always read that the B's work in combination so taking a high quality B complex should be more effective than taking B1 alone


Food sources are the best for all the bs. A bowl of rice bran cereal, and a cup of mixed nuts a day would provide a huge amount of bs and minerals. Look at those foods on nutritiondata to see their b/mineral profile. Yeast supplement is good also. The b vits in foods exist in all the different forms of that particular b vitamins so for thiamine it exists as thiamine, thiamine mono, di, tri phosphates, and thiamine nucleotides. It would be the same for all the b vits, and no pill in the world can provide that.

I have never added up the mg, and then weighed a b complex. Might do it as an experiment. A difference between the two weights certainly does not make sense.

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