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MACA for parkinsons

Has anyone taken MACA for parkinsons ..

. If any food deserves the label ‘superfood’ then it is Maca. This nutritional powerhouse contains high levels of amino acids – including L’arginine, Calcium makes up 10% of maca’s mineral count -which also includes magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphates, silica, and traces of iodine. Vitamins found in Maca include thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2) and vitamin C.

Maca is also a source of two alkaloids (Lepidiline A and B), plant sterols (β-sitosterol, campesterol and stigmasterol) and some important novel compounds which require further analysis –

Ongoing research will undoubtedly confirm many more of the historical uses of this incredible vegetable crop – proof if any were needed that food is medicine. Until then, the good news is that Maca is completely safe, and to many people around the world who have used it to help to resolve many personal but highly important problems - it is already worth more than gold.

As an additional benefit to both men and women, Maca can also help to combat fatigue and improve mood – probably due to the fact that it contains Monoamineoxidase inhibitors , which are already used in psychiatry for the treatment of depressive disorders and in neurology in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Potent antioxidant

Maca has also been shown to contain nine types of glucosinolates, important antioxidants that are also present in other cruciferous crops – but staggeringly the levels found in fresh Maca are approximately 100 x those of other crops such as cabbage and broccoli!

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Is this a quote from some advertising?

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No, but I did cut n paste it from google. I want to see if anyone is taking this to see if would be effective for my Mom.


There is such a lot of hype around these superfoods. Pomegranate, broccoli, avocado etc. It is difficult to avoid getting sucked in. Was this a medical review on Google and can you buy it locally to you?

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And where is this available to buy ?





I would skip the pomegranate juice:

Pomegranate juice exacerbates oxidative stress and nigrostriatal degeneration in Parkinson's disease.



( good to see you around, Silvestov! I thought you were too busy but I see you just can't resist us :)


Really I am very pretty busy and am (fortunately) making headway in my project. With company like this you are correct, too irresistible to avoid. ;)


Neuroprotective effects of Lepidium meyenii (Maca).



Another thing to try that is neuroprotective! (My bedroom shelf is starting to like like a pharmacy!) Do you think we should try this, Silvestrov?


Frankly, neuroprotective herbs are plenty and unlike most drugs, they can affect other parts of the anatomy and when deciding on a herb you choose its other affects (in addition to being neuroprotective). So what else in the human body does Lepidium meyenii affect?

Uses & Benefits of Lepidium Meyenii

Nutritional Supplement, Energizer, Sexual Health, Fertility, Menopausal symptoms Relief, Impotence

Promoting mental clarity

. Enhancing memory. Helping with menstrual irregularities. Relieving Chronic fatigue syndrome. Alternative to anabolic steroids by bodybuilders due to its richness in sterols. Immunostimulant, for anemia, tuberculosis & other diseases. Tonic (tones, balances, strengthens overall body functions).


You always have to weigh the potential side effects of any herb before taking it.

Safety Concerns about Lepidium Meyenii:

"Being Lepidium meyenii a natural food, it is eaten in a daily basis in Peru with no risks. Keep reading to discover the different Safety Concerns of Lepidium meyenii and discover how safe Lepidium meyenii is."


Of course you have to make up your own mind if this herb is good for you or not. It is always good to check and see if a website is blowing smoke or the herb in question actually does what they state. In addition to being neuroprotective,

Beneficial effects of Lepidium meyenii (Maca) on psychological symptoms and measures of sexual dysfunction in postmenopausal women are not related to estrogen or androgen content.


Preliminary findings show that Lepidium meyenii (Maca) (3.5 g/d) reduces psychological symptoms, including anxiety and depression, and lowers measures of sexual dysfunction in postmenopausal women independent of estrogenic and androgenic activity.


This information, in addition to that included in the initial posting, makes Lepidium meyenii look like it is a good anti-aging supplement and hence good for those with PD. I have previously read about MACA and will add it to my rotating list of herbs that I will try.


Thanks for your wonderfully informative reply! Sounds like a perfect thing to try, not just for PD, but for all the other positive benefits... :-)

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