Is it OK to take Mucuna ALONG WITH Sinemet?

Is it OK to take Mucuna ALONG WITH Sinemet?

Must my dad back off/down Carbidopa-Levodopa in order to use the Mucuna Pruriens I ordered for him and am reordering since it does help sometimes? Will switching from 15% to 20% help? Will switching to powder help? Is there a better brand? He is NOT on Azilect. Is there another natural substance to accompany the Mucuna? I am concerned if one can overdose on Dopamine by using the plant-based AND prescription, and Dad's Neurologist doesn't want to discuss Mucuna dosing.. or Mucuna at all. (Wish could find a more positive, open-minded Dr in our area (TN) but that's under a separate post.) Thanks Again! Thanking God for some better days! Sandra4Dad

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  • I was taking mucuna before I started taking Siniment. My Neuro told me not to change anything. He understood what mucuna is. Six months later I saw him for a check up, he said now that I am on Siniment, and can handle it, I could cut way back on the mucuna as he felt I did not need it anymore.

    I use the mucuna between Siniment doses, when I have a let down, it picks me right up.

  • why did you live mucuna and take sinimat . I take mucuna for a year allready .Had to increase to 6 capsules

  • We found that though Sinimet was effective in the early days of my husband taking it, it gradually lost effectiveness over the years. It also was not a healthy thing to take because it is synthetic, not a natural substance. (No one ever got healthy from taking man-made drugs.) After taking Sinimet for about 10 years (mostly as Stalevo actually, which contains Sinemet), it had lost most of its effectiveness, taking at least 30-60 minutes to start working, but sometimes not at all. And it had taken its toll on his vitality.

    When he started taking Mucuna about a year ago, he swapped out doses of Stalevo for up to 1 Tablespoon of pure Mucuna powder mixed in pure water. The Mucuna took effect in only 10-15 minutes, kept him 'on' longer, and made him feel better. Not only did it help lift his mood, but he visibly became stronger and healthier looking. It is after all a bean that contains nutrients as well as natural L-Dopa. The body recognises Mucuna as food and readily absorbs it.

    I wish we had known about Mucuna from the start and had only taken this as a treatment for his PD. We have not yet found a harmful dose of Mucuna - he now takes up to 8 Tablespoons of pure Mucuna powder a day. According to natural health expert David Wolfe, it is almost impossible to overdose on it, although I would always advise caution when taking it or increasing the dose. Little and gradually is best.

    The only down side to Mucuna for us personally is that we have to buy it ourselves, where the British National Health Service supply all the Parkinson's drugs for free. But my husband's health and well being are far more important than money.

  • if Mucuna Pruriens helps why not just increase Carbidopa-Levodopa. I take as much Carbidopa-Levodopa as i can without major side effects.

  • Baily I think thats a good question. I need to ask how much Sinemet he is on and at next appt we can ask Dr about increasing it. Concerned for long term like everyone else is, and hear that Mucuna doesn't have the negative longer term effects? His appts are every 6 months...

  • The idea the C/L causes negative long term effects has been debunked by a recent study cited and discussed here:

    Mucuna is basically levodopa in herbal form. If adding it to an existing regimen it may be appropriate to reduce the C/L.

  • Thank you and look forward to reading this.

  • I found powder more effective - that's just my own experience. I use Zandopa

  • You show great concern for your father but I do worry about changing drugs based on discussion here. We don't know what meds your father is currently taking and how much how often, these all affect how they work. I think I read your father was on Azilect but he isn't now? Azilect can make carb/lev work better so when he stopped it did you notice a difference? He may need more carb / lev now especially as he has tremors and gets anxious, both of which happen to me several times a day when my meds wear off and I need another dose. The best way forward I have found is keeping a diary and looking for patterns.

  • Hikoi, thank you for your concern. I get on here and explore and ask questions because my parents do not have internet or even know how to use a computer. They are intelligent, but older and not into tech things. That being said, if I don't read these things and ask questions online, then the absolute only help he will get is seeing his Dr. every 6 months. They know nothing about Parkinson's and seem to have no way of finding out more. I just feel really sorry for them. They seem very grateful that I read and learn about PD. It is through reading here that I discovered Mucuna Pruriens and it has been one of the few things that helps his shaking slow down for awhile, at least sometimes. So he appreciates that I order it online for him. I go to Dad's appts with him and mom now, but they are few and far between, and he has never been helped much by any of the meds. His first neurologist told him that his PD is one that does not respond to any traditional drugs and that he had nothing else he could do except to recommend him to Vanderbilt Univ. Hospital where there are movement specialists. So far, they have not gone there, although he may be considering it now. I would never pressure him! He ended up changing neurologists, to see if another might be more helpful or positive or have other ideas, but again, he has only progressed without the normal pattern of being able to tell when your Carb/Leva "kicks in"/have "on" periods. My father has not ever really felt it helping him. A year or so ago?...(approx) the neuro wanted to put him on an antidepressant that hopefully would help some aspect of the PD, but in order to do that, he had to come off the Azilect. What Daddy said he found was that there was no difference being off the Azilect as being on it, so when he told the Dr. this, the Dr. kept him off of the Azilect. It has been over 10 years I believe since his diagnosis and he has progressed tremendously without a break or relief. I could well be wasting my time here.

  • Your interest in helping your dad by finding out as much as you can is very supportive for him and your mum.. I hope you don't ever stop asking questions. That's the easy part unfortunately, knowing what to do next is the hard part. PD is a progressive disease and it is very difficult to watch your father Inevitably get worse rather than better. It is sad that he can feel so isolated in this, are there any support groups or exercise groups in your area which he could attend. Apathy is one of the most difficult things to deal with so he may need your support and encouragement to go to classes. I know I plan to do lots of things and by the end of the week I can find I've just thought about them but never done anything. Apathy may also be stopping your father from going to Vanderbilt for another opinion. Sometimes I really appreciate my husband organising things that I want to do because I will never get around to them . Could that be true of your dad?

    I notice he got relief from mucuna which its levadopa so why not from carb/lev I wonder? Keep searching and questioning. Don't ever give up.

  • He may not be getting enough carb/lev? I plan to post how much of what he takes asap. Will be spending day there in a day or 2 so will post after that.

  • I really don't know about the groups. We live on the mtn. and our town is very small. A group would be a good thing.

  • Yes, I think it could be true.

  • What about exercise - does your dad exercise at all ? My mom has had PD for 10 years and while it has progressed , I know that when she was with me for a few years I did not see the progression of PD that much because of exercise, which included walking , stretching and massages.

    Then she went down because she had multiple falls and back issues - and the biggest thing they did was decrease her mobility which affected her PD negatively .

  • His exercise is gardening and working in the yard, mowing and sometimes even push mowing and working on equipment in his garage etc. He is fairly active, but the PD lately has totally zapped his energy and he is sooo tired. Like with your mother, I believe he needs more variety exercise. I believe he does stationery bike some too in his garage. Something to think and pray on...exercise. To encourage more of it.

  • I and my brother are trying to get them internet and a computer and teach them to use the thing. Maybe then he can at least not feel so alone, seeing such sites as these.

  • Thanks for suggesting the diary and patterning.

  • After restarting Mucuna capsules, starting and Theonine and _______ a small natural supplement pill for PD pain and stiffness, Dad is finally feeling some better again and was able to go to church Wednesday night, to my mom's delightful surprise!

  • What do you use the all natural for pain and stiffness ,I appreciate your help

  • Please try Curamed (turmeric) it is pretty good and a natural solution for inflammation and pain.

  • Dear MyMomHasPD, I want you to know I know just how you dad has PD. It really hurts, doesn't it?! We just want to make it go away again. Instead we are given the blessing of being able to love our parent and care for them and spend however much time we can with them, while still carrying on with our own life and family life. My dad lives about 10 min. away, so I can see him and mom, well, I visit at least 2 days a week and talk with them a couple more and occasionally they come over to our house too. I think that just being there, however that "looks" for each of us who has a parent or relative with PD, is the best thing of all we can "do" besides pray for them daily. I think it is comforting to just know "I do not have to walk this pathway alone. I have a child and others who love me and are with me through the good and the bad". SIDE NOTE: DAD HAS TROUBLE WITH GOUT FLARE UPS AND TAKES TURMERIC/CHERRY CONCENTRATE FOR THAT TOO. MAYBE IT'LL ALSO HELP HIS PAIN AND STIFFNESS.

  • Hi Kathleen, in addition to the Curamed (turmeric) suggestion by MyMomHasPD, I actually do plan to raid my dad's cabinet soon and write down what all he takes. So sorry I cannot remember. God bless you and relieve your pain and stiffness, Sandra

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