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sinemet and mucuna pruriens

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Dear Comunity

I am anxious about my mother age 76.

She is taking 6 tbl. of sinemet a day.

I found out that Mucuna Pruriens is an option. I was able to find MP with 15% of L-Dopa.

How to use it ?

Thanks for helping.

18 Replies
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What dose is she taking?

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stop-parkinson in reply to Astra7

6 tablets of sinemet 25mg/100mg per day 2/2/2

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If your mother is settled on sinemet i think you would be wise to leave her. Mucuna is not regulated so it varies in strength and purity.

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You may wish to check out “Macuna versus Parkinson” by Dr Rafael González Maldonado. Available on Amazon as Paperback or Kindle.

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RBan in reply to Bennorca

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My husband is almost 73 and had PD 28 years. He takes around 12 a day of 25/100 and half teaspoon of 100% organic mucuna powder with each dose. It seems to bring him 'on' quicker. He sometimes takes 1 25/100 and a CR Sinemet. CR is recommended for bed by the neurologists. He has had PD so long the meds only last 3 to 3.5 hours.

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Are her symptoms reasonably well controlled? Any disabling dyskinesias? If she's doing okay, don't mess with success.

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Following Dr Raphael Gonzalez Maldonado via his web pages, I have been able to reduce my sinemet and experience a longer ON period when I take 7,5 mg Zandopa, which is the natural mucuna pruriens seed powder. This is more beneficial than 98% mucuna pruriens extract. I have yet to try the Dopa Mucuna 15% extract. Initially I couldn't bear the saccharine porridge taste of Zandopa, but it is worth it for the benefit. I put a heaped tsp in my mouth dry. Then I sip at a glass of water until it is all down. It is important to take it on an empty stomach for maximum benefit, and lemon juice is better still to help absorption. Milky tea or any protein is a negative influence. I get the ON phase in 25-30 min. It can wear off after 4 hours - instead of 3 hours - but adrenal stimulation always seems to disrupt the benefits of levadopa, for me, so I avoid stress. "Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and work with your hands." (1 Thessalonians 4:11) I hope your mother will respond well to Dopa Mucuna.

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Bonzu in reply to Meg024

I used to use Zandopa for about 5 years. I did toxic blood tests and I found my arsenic levels were qiuite high. I also read an article that week which stated Ayurvedic treatments could cause arsenic poisoning. So rightly or wrongly I stopped taking it. I now found a different powder but unfortunately it leaves black stains on crockery, sinks etc. So I am avoiding that as well. I am looking for other makes especially as madopar does nothing for me and after 8.6 years tremors are getting really bad especially annoying are the jaw, lip tremors. The problem with mucuna is you do not know what you are taking. This is my experience and of course I could be totally wrong.

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TL500 in reply to Bonzu

Can arsenic toxic be found in normal blood test or has to be a special blood test? Thanks

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Bonzu in reply to TL500

It was a normal blood test.

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TL500 in reply to Bonzu


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Meg024 in reply to Bonzu

That's interesting, Bonzu. I happen to be chelating mercury - and arsenic along with it - according to the Andy Cutler protocol with frequent low doses of alpha lipoic acid. What symptoms did you develop from arsenic?

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Bonzu in reply to Meg024

I am not sure if I developed any symptoms. Most probably I have to do some more tests and check levels again.

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I have an ND supervising me. I take c/l 3x per day. 1/2 dose of c/l 25/100. I supplement with Now Foods Mucuna 15% at same time. So far so good.

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TL500 in reply to LiftingBig

How long have you been on Mucuna? Thanks

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Can anyone link me zandopa and/or Mucuna seed extract available to buy in uk?

Has anyone seen any benefits from using Mucuna vs C/L in regards to non motor symptoms I.e. cognition, anxiety depression brain fog anhedonia apathy?

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Meg024 in reply to Schofield81

I buy Zandopa from Amazon. Regards the non-motor symptoms you mention, I recommend chelating mercury according to the Andy Cutler protocol.

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