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Any natural source of Carbidopa to take along with mucuna pruiens

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I am taking mucuna pruiens 10gms/day which is pure L-dopa. To make more effective it requires carbidopa. Carbidopa tablets not available in India. If u know plz intimate in this post. If u can find natural source of carbidopa,which will be more helpful for mucuna pruiens to be more effctive

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FAVA Bean (Broad Bean). I make a tincture of the sprouts off the plant.

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muragod in reply to movinngroovin

could u give me details how to make tincture?

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movinngroovin in reply to muragod

I sprout fava beans in my sprouter. Once sprouted, I plant them sprout side down. Pinch of top sprouted leaves as it grows & dry. Place into a jar-cover with brandy and place in a dark place for at least 30 days. Pour into tinted bottles to use. I like spray bottles best. Adjust # of sprays as you experiment with efficacy. It doesn't go bad so just keep in a cool dark place.

Good Luck & happy growing!


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muragod in reply to movinngroovin

thanks let me try

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Some people take a sinimet with the mucuna for this reason. However I'm not sure that mucuna a does require carbidopa.

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Hi Muragog. As there has not been any substance that has been proven to slow down or reverse Pd, why bother to take any of them?

The only thing that has been proven to slow down or even reverse Pd is exercise!

The best exercise for Pd is fast walking. I have written a book about it. I was diagnosed with Pd in 1992, but it all started in 1963. In 2002 I was able to stop taking any Pd medication and at the age of 80 I now live a 'normal' life, free of any movement symptoms.

If you would like to read more about it then go to me website - or buy my book, reverse Parkinson's disease available on the site.

You may also talk to me and I will try to help you if I am able. I am not a doctor, only a patient with 52 years of experience.

Kind regards

John Pepper

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gurdeep11 in reply to JohnPepper

john i cant type is there any other way i could talk to u once

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JohnPepper in reply to gurdeep11

Hi gurdeep. We could use skype, but I can't remember what my address is and how to use it.

Could you use skype?

If you go to my website - - you can send me a short message and I will respond and give you my phone number.


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muragod in reply to JohnPepper

thanks I am doing Yogasana for one hour & Walking for 45 Minutes.Still I need medicine.I am 59 year.

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JohnPepper in reply to muragod

Hi Muragod. When you say you are doing walking for 45 minutes, do you mean just walking or WALKING AS FAST AS YOU CAN?

AS far as the medicine is concerned, Do you take either Azilect, Eldepryl or Parkilyne?


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muragod in reply to JohnPepper

Sinemet +2 Entacom+10gms of mucuna pruiens per day.Take in 4 doses

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Autumn56 in reply to JohnPepper

Hi John I have bought your book and was just trying to find out if my husband who has PD is allowed to take Eldepryl (Parkilyne) along with the mucuna pruiens bean powder he is taking? The powder does help him some, but I would love for him to experiment with the Eldepryl (Parkilyne) to see if he might have better quality of life. It is very hard for him to work. THanks for any help. Autumn

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JohnPepper in reply to Autumn56

Has your husband started doing fast walking, or is that a problem for him? I can't give you any advice on medication but mucuna is a natural product so I can't see it being a problem. Eldepryl is not a levodopa type medication but it has been proven to have a positive effect on the progression of Pd.

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Discogs_discogs in reply to JohnPepper

John, it is amazing that you are doing so well at age 100 and absolutely thriving with PD and no medication or DBS at that age. Congratulations.

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JohnPepper in reply to Discogs_discogs

Where did you get the information that I was 100 years old? I am only 87.

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kaypeeoh in reply to JohnPepper

Maybe she confused you with Betty White?

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yes i can skype, can you

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Does this help you in anyway !! I found this in

Guidelines for Calculation of Zandopa dose :

7.5gm powder of Zandopa is standardized to contain approximately 250mg of L-dopa.

When switching over from formulations containing L-dopa alone, use the above for calculating equivalent dose of Zandopa i.e patients taking 250mg L-dopa, six times a day will need 7.5gm of Zandopa six times a day.

When switching over from formulations containing L-dopa and carbidopa combination calculate the dose of Zandopa as follows:

1 tablet of 100mg L-dopa approx.

+ 10mg carbidopa or = 2 x 7.5gm

+ 25mg carbidopa of Zandopa

1 tablet of approx

250mg L-dopa = 4 x 7.5gm

+ 250mg carbidopa of Zandopa

The plasma "Half Life " of L-dopa, bioavailable from Zandopa is similar to that from synthetic L-dopa or L-dopa/carbidopa formulations. Therefore, the frequency of dosing can be approximately similar.

Recent recommendations on the dosage regimen of L-dopa suggest use of smaller dose more frequently than using bigger dose at a lesser frequency for better control of symptoms without encountering the side effects.

After initial treatment regimen, the beneficial effects of Zandopa can be maintained for prolonged periods by smaller maintenance dose.

Zandopa can be given in combination with synthetic L-dopa preparations.

Zandopa replaces only L-dopa hence other associated drugs may be continued.

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muragod in reply to Ramuu

what is the source of carbidopa???

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Ramuu in reply to muragod

Please check with Zandu Pharma ; 1 tablet of 100mg L-dopa approx.

+ 10mg carbidopa or = 2 x 7.5gm

+ 25mg carbidopa of Zandopa

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aemilia in reply to muragod

Dear Muragod ,

It has been quite some time since you first asked for a substitute for carbidopa while taking mucuna but I only today did I see your post

and I thought I would answer. One option is lodosyn it contains only carbidopa . An other option which is what I take with my mucuna is a green tea extract that is commercially available as a food supplement under the name QERCETINE COMPLEX . the one I use is marketed by SOLGAR . this is a powerful antioxidant and acts not exactly as carbidopa but as a comt inhibitor( the synthetic versions are either COMTAN or ENDACAPONE ) . Comt inhibitors have an action similar to carbidopa . In layman s terms they make levodopa ( either chemical or from mucuna ) more bioavailable which is what your were looking for.

If you have already found a solution other than the above ignore the info. but I would be grateful if you could tell me what you take and how tou are doing on your regimen


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muragod in reply to aemilia

Thanx.I will try to find out SOLGAR in INDIA. At present I m using ASHWAGANDHA POWDER with Mucuna which is giving good results

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Yo1ku in reply to muragod

Dear muragod, I took Zandopa with Qurcetin and green tea extract. ( also with those tyrosine and 5 HTTP) I think Amelia given you right to the point that what can be natural Carbidopa like. My hubby suffered from PD for 8 years and we follow the conventional medicine all the time in the past. Untill last December, his condition was very bad( muscle spasm at night, mask face, can not take bath nor dress himself up. ). I was all alone here in JP. In the darkness , I look at him cried in pain and asking me “ who are you?” I realized that this must not caused by his own PD and decided to reduce his med dose down and using natural Dopa instead. I ordered from US and India and fixing him one by one from his blood test. Now he is not on any medication since 10 December last year. Natural dopa gave him a sense of smell back as well as toilet routine naturally. He is now can walk and take bath by himself. Also, Ashwagandha help not only his mood but the care taker’s mood too😊. Hope this info help. You will be all right.🌸

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weareparky in reply to aemilia

Hi Aemilia

Also I'm using vegetal L-Dopa and I tried many "carrier", the best mix for me is Quercetine 400mg/die + 1/2 Sinemet 100/25 at every L-Dopa dose. When you said "... In layman s terms they make levodopa ( either chemical or from mucuna ) more bioavailable ...", what are you talking about ? Thanks for your reply :)

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Bitcoin in reply to weareparky

Do research on Wikipedia on carbidopa n levodopa. Try the NOW Brand Mucuna L-dopa. Few youtube videos on Mucuna puriens - 1 by John Gray How he reversed PD. I tk a 25/100mg Ext Release sinemet, trying to wean off... see if it alll possible. Tried the L-dopa but someday wont come on. Troubleshootng the factors lacking or affecting.

Get the L-dopa (Now) fr Tk alot of the vit B fr Garden of Life brand, has probiotic, enzymes all in one. Got fr Sprouts when on sale for $26. Will post more as i remember. Another guy chlorella w/mucuna...

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Mucuna Pruiens is a natural source of L-Dopa and as such your body absorbs the L-Dopa from it fairly well. In the U.S. before Carbidopa was available in 1975, doctors prescribed a highly refined form of L-Dopa that caused Nausea, Vomiting and other discomforts. Carbidopa was introduced as a synthetic chemical that increased absorption of this synthetic form of L-Dopa, but at a high cost. You see, Carbidopa blocks PHP, or the Active form of B-6 and that's a pretty big deal. B-6 is involved in around 300 different chemical reactions in your body, including the creation of Cell Energy and the creation of memories. The NIH has concluded that the death rate for those on Carbidopa has increased by over 300% as compared to the general population since the introduction of Carbidopa in the PD Population.

In the U.S. there's no interest in Natural Alternatives like Mucuna Pruiens because it can't be patented and cost controlled like synthetics can.

What you may consider however are some other natural alternatives that can help improve your quality of life. I'm going to put these in the order of what I feel is the most important.

1. Lithium Orotate - 20mg: The only mineral known to help your body grow NEW gray matter and excellent anti-depressant. I like the Vitamin Research Brand.

2. Potassium Iodate - 50mg: Exercise is one of the best ways to keep the symptoms of PD at bay, but you can't if you don't have the energy to do it. Our muscles need Iodine to function and your Thyroid needs Iodine to create the Hormones required for energy production. I like the Vitamin Research Brand on this one.

3. Effervescent NAC - 1800mg: NAC helps your body create more Glutathione which is one of the best Anti-Oxidants available. Most forms of NAC will oxidize while in the bottle, but Effervescent NAC comes individually vacuum packed. I like the Pharma NAC Brand

There's a bunch of other things you can take, but without knowing everything you're taking, I like recommending these because they don't interfere with anything.

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muragod in reply to Rejuvem

thanx. Will discuss ur points with my neuro

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KERRINGTON in reply to Rejuvem

Being fairly new to this site I just read your post of 3 years ago. Are you still following this protocol, and if so is it still helping you ? Aside from my regular assortment of vitamin supplements I've added thiamine and mucuna, and looking to do more asI haven't enough energy. Thanks..

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i'm 45 aged, parky from 13. I was treated for many years with massive dosage of Dopa. Now assuming Dopa or water is the same :( I stopped to take any drugs, I passed through the hell for many weeks to have an effective emo wash up. Now it's going better. I'm studying to plan a long term natural therapy with Mucuna as main component .

I readed yours posts of two years ago about it. How does it going ?

I have some questions :

1) in yours experience which is the best natural carrier for vegetal L-Dopa to get it to the emo barrier ?

2) which is the better Mucuna buyable online ? I'm using now the BIovea named at 40%

3) Have you ever ear something about Mucuna+Tribulus

Thank you in advance for your attention.

Have an ever better life ;)

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Bitcoin in reply to weareparky

Tribulus, Aswaganda, tongkat ali, yohimbe, etc boost male hormones (fountain of youth) so boost immune system. Although they help, you dont want to overdose as these hormones are tricky business. So monitor closely yr own bodys reactions. Certain ones are agreeable w certain person...

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check out AtreMorine. Here's a good link.

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Sir did you try to deva beans tincture?

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Good morning my husband has only used Macuna, and he does use green tea extract & quercetin complex ,with Vit C. + then has some toast before taking his Macuna to counter knots in his stomach/ nausea My question is : how long of a time before Macuna do you take the supplements? He takes the supplements simultaneously with the Macuna. Thank you! Nancy

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