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i had the whipple operation in april 2010 followed by further operation 1 week later. all the cancer was not removed. i then had pallative chemotheraphy for six months and a miracle occured, a scan showed the cancer had gone. i now have 6 monthly blood test, so far so good. I have ongoing issues but with the help of my wife,family and friends i move forward. not sure what else to say but this is a start.

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Hi Macca,

Many thanks for sharing your story with us. That really sounds like an amazing story and we hope you continue to get good test results!



Hi Macca, Great to hear another success story, I had my operation in Sept 2009 and finished Chemo in March 2010 since then i have only given blood once and that was in June this year, The last time i had a scan was when they found my Tumour (s) i think one of the keys to fighting back is to remain possitive and tell yourself you can beat this, It's great that you are clear, I now have a total different out look on life, like you I still have certain issues even now and expect them to carry on, unfortunately the government didn't think these were worthy of any financial help and got next to nothing because of my Navy Pension even though i had paid into the system for over 30 years, (maybe i should have been a Junkie or alkie that way i would have had everything paid for), anyway lets not go down that route, to finish I would like to say well done there and continue to do well, I would want to hear from you again in another 12 months, Graham



It's great to hear your story well done.I had the whipple operation in march 2010 followed by 6 month of chemo, I'm still having 3 month check ups but only blood tests I have'nt had a scan since before my op.

Feeling good but sometimes the thoughts in my head I could do without must stay positive and enjoy life with my family and friends. Well done and good luck.



hi kenny

my storey is a lot longer than my short blog. I noted what you said about thoghts,i went through a really bad depression this year,had some councilling and tablets off the doctor feel much better now but sometimes struggle.


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