Eastenders Feature Pancreatic Cancer

I was a little surprised, but pleased, to see that Eastenders are featuring pancreatic cancer in their storyline with Pat. I really hope that this will raise awareness of this dreadful cancer. I would have expected them to use say Breast cancer or some cancer which is more obvious but pleased that they have chosen pancreatic cancer, albeit that it brought tears to my eyes to see Pat being given the diagnosis. I know it's only a TV programme but as we all know, so many people are in that position for real x

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  • As a sufferer myself ...... yes it upset me but like you i thought good on them , let more people see and hear about this devastating cancer , hope the goverment start funding it better than 3% x

  • I had mixed feelings about this. Like Maggie, I'm pleased at the opportunity it brings to raised awareness, but Eastenders is a popular program and many fans will have been touched by Pancreatic cancer so it will undoubtedly bring more than a few tears for our lost loved ones.

    I've been promoting an e-petition to get better and earlier diagnosis of this wretched killer and I hope that the storyline will bring better awareness of how low the survival rate is and in turn encourage more people to sign.

    I think, on balance, it is a positive move by the script-writers and hope they treat it seriously and sensitively. Let's hope so.


  • I didn't see Eastenders yesterday, and to be honest I cannot bring myself to watch it now. I lost my Mum to this devastating disease yesterday morning. She was diagnosed in August and unfortuately lost her battle now. RIP mum x

  • Oh dear, I'm so so sorry for you ! My mum also has it diagnoised in September, but she is still here today. My heart felt condolences go to you and your family, so very very sad.

    Thinking of you del ccx

  • So sorry for your loss louiepc , i try to keep positive for myself and my family but its so hard , my love goes out to you x

  • Hi Louiepc, so sorry to hear about the terrible loss of your mum, words can't really describe your sense of loss and sadness your probably feeling . Everyone on this site is fighting to help people like your mum or for those who are suffering with this cancer to try and make changes and improve the statistics which let's be honest can't get much worse for people . Eastenders is a powerful media tool and will have helped in some small way , but like you I can't watch it as my mum is still battling the disease I don't need any more reminders ! Keep strong we send you all our love and best wishes at this sad time . Nessy x

  • So sorry to hear of your loss, Louiepc, best wishes to you and your family,and all who are affected by this terrible cancer

  • So sorry to hear your sad news Louipc, thoughts are with you and your family x

  • Please accept my condolences louipc, my thought are with you all.

    I have to admit I'm not an Eastenders watcher, I did catch the tail end of a programme about saying goodbye to Pat, I didn't realise the story line was to include her dying from PC. Now I know this I think I shall be avoiding watching it, I don't think I am emotionally strong enough to watch after losing my dad to PC in July last year. My heart feels as heavy today as it did the day he passed away. It was hard watching him fade, I don't think I could watch someone portraying this. However I too agree eastenders is a powerful media tool and I hope it highlight just how awful this disease, maybe some good can come from it.

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