Have you recently been diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer?

We would like to hear from anyone who has recently been diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer and who would be happy to talk to the media.

We need patient case studies for a TV documentary which will serve as a good way to increase awareness of pancreatic cancer. If you, or someone you know, has had a diagnosis for pancreatic cancer within the last 2 months and cannot have an operation to remove the tumour, please get in touch.

You can call us in confidence on 01428 656269 or email enquiries@panact.org

Thank you.

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  • Only "2 Months?"

    Check out my story, I am 13 months into it w/no hope of surgical removal of the tumor....


  • Iwas diagnosed in oct with inoperable pancreatic cancer , I would be willing to talk to media about this devasting cancer , Cath x x

  • My husband who has the cancer would not be willing to talk to the media but I would. Please contact me if you have any further info.

  • Hi Ali. Did you get any further with the TV documentary? Just wondering.


  • I was diagnosed with a mass in the pancreatic neck on March26,2012.

    Endosonographic appearance suggested adenocarcinoma(staged T3 N1 Max)... Pancreatic parenchylmal abnormalities coènsisting of atrophy in the body and tail, consisting of hyperechoic foci noted in the head. A malignant lymph visualized in peripancreatic region a dilated duct in the body the size of 3mm in diameter.

    On April 13 cats can..lungs demonstrate numerous sub centimeter nodules adjacent to pleural margins(largest is 8mm pleural nodule in left lower lobe). surrounding areas of ground glass opacity. Ill-defined mass in body and tail demonstrated....appears abut the Celia artery and superior mesenteric artery...spleenic vein completely occluded by mass legion and of the SMV proximal to the union of the main portal vein...ill-defined mass legion around aorta and between aorta and IVC below level of left renal vein but above inferior mesenteric artery takeoff...Does not appear in liver, spleen, gallbladder, biliary tree are normal...

    These are the readings I got Apr 13...almost two months ago...I started Chemo Apr 26 turning out to be 1 Apr 26, 1 may 10, 1 may 24, 1 may 31, then blood count to low yesterday(7june)... I am taking Gemzar single agent..

    I guess what I am inquiring about is what does this prognosis appear to be, mean...I don't know....I feel good basically, of course I am taking plenty of pain meds...If anyone can shine some light on this and suggest anything helpful, I would most appreciate it...Thank you much and the best of days, Lonnie

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