Hi Everyone, I'm new here, and I'm really hoping I don't belong.

I've been getting pain just at the front of my waist, and yellow diarrhea. (how do you spell it?)  I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow.

The reason I'm thinking pancreatic cancer is my Dad and Uncle died of it.

Six years ago I had an oesophagectomy for cancer, and I've had my gall bladder out, so my insides are rather unusual, and I do get pain from that, but this new pain is .... well .... it's new.

I don't know why I'm writing this. I'm just a coward.

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  • You're not a coward! Stay strong until you have seen the doctor x

  • Thank you. I've seen my GP, I now have a hospital appt. on the 9th.May.

  • Fingers crossed it's nothing :)

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