MDT meetings? Does that mean they think its cancer?

Last November my Mum had a CT scan for abdo pain, while we were in hospital last week with a suspected DVT a surgical Reg came down drew the curtains around us and proceeded to tell us that Mums scan results showed shadows on the head of the pancreas! Unfortunately no one had bothered to pass on this information to anybody else!! The MDT meeting had been organised for today, Monday. I have tried to get intouch with anyone that can give me any information about the findings but no one answers the phones or replies to my left messages. Do they only have MDT meeting if its cancer?

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  • My mum's case was discussed at an MDT meeting, and she did have pancreatic cancer at the time, don't know whether that helps, but it's to discuss your mums case with everyone available and the best way forward. A DVT is a related to the pancreas, as my mum also developed that too. If no one is listening, register a complaint with PALS ! Good luck, Del xxx

  • Thank you Delly1.

  • MDT is a multidisciplinary team, these are a group of healthcare professionals, such as surgeons, nurses and oncologists etc. They will discuss a patients case at their weekly meeting. PALS is the best way forward to start a complaint about timings and lack of communication.

  • Thank you Herbert, my sister has already put a complaint in about the lack of communication and not being informed properly, me Im not interested I just want my Mum to have all the information made available to her so we can make some informed choices. Im in hospital myself tomorrow so hopefully I might get some answers.

  • Good! Push with the NHS! don't worry about asking too many questions. If they do confirm it's PC ask about surgery options such as Whipple's procedure. Good Luck.

  • I have Pancreatic Cancer , everyone that as answered your question as given you the correct information , MDT is a meeting to discuss the diagnosis and what the next step will be .

    It is'nt right that they have'nt discussed with you the findings on the CT scan , this should have been acted on in November , you need to get some answers . all the best Cath .

  • To day I have been in touch with the Chief Exec and voiced my concerns over lack of duty of care towards my Mum, they are "looking into it" and will "get back to me".

    Thank you all for your time and information it is very much appreciated. Kind regards to you all.x

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