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Scared I have pancreatic cancer


I have discomfort off and on in my upper abdomen my stools have been clay colored and I know this is a major flag for pancreatic cancer my cbc liver functions were normal I had a ultrasound yesterday that was normal but I just learned a ultrasound wont pick up pancreatic cancer so now I'm scared and cant quit crying because I cant afford a ct scan

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Don't be silly you don't think cancer its always the first thought. Abdomen pain is where exactly? It hits the middle of your tum and can be extremely painful and goes way not to be back again? Do you get pain under the rib cage left side that's where symptoms start. Food can trigger pain so watch the diet. Eat what's okay and leave anything that triggers pain. Ultrasound can show up lumps etc as in my case but they were only cyst. My motions can be all sorts of colours I intend to ignore them. They can look greasy or hardly any grease at all. The smell is disgusting and I say that myself but well stocked up on air fresheners. Look at the situation again don't beat yourself up and it's not cancer that's what you have convinced yourself of. I'm in my fifth year and still cancer free and had all treatments and nasties in me and of me. Good ,duck.


I do get pain on my left and right upper abdomen and extreme bloating and gas

Do you have diarrhea? Or Jaundice?


How long have you been experience pain under your rib and other symptoms? I also have the same problem but i m having severe diarrhea with dark brown greenish with floating stools

I've just been to the doc about sudden pain across my upper abdomen just under my ribs and through to my back. I'm told it's prob an ulcer that will heal if I let it and follow advice. So don't panic. Cut out greasy burgers, tobacco and booze for a month and - if you feel better - stick to it. Good health!

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