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Pain Relief for Pancreatic Cancer

Hi Everyone

My partner was diagnosed with PC 2 years ago and had the whipple procedure followed by chemo for 6 months which was successful.After 6 months James had a CT scan that showed that the cancer was back again.So he had chemo for another 3 months then he's just finished 6 weeks of radiotherapy.Just before the end of the radiotherapy we found another lump near his belly button,which after a CT they have told us it's cancerous and there are cancer spots on his lung and liver.It's been an emotional week and after reading some of the other blogs it's helped.James is going to have more chemo and radiotherapy over the next few months.James has been taking paracetamol for the tummy pain but they seem to make his tummy swollen so we just wondered if anyone had been given anything else for the pain?

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Paracetamol is at the low end of the pain control ladder. I suggest your husband asks for a referal to a pain control specialist who will make recommendations and explain the options and possible side effects.

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Thanks we are at the hospital tomorrow so we can ask.


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