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Dr said its pancreatic cancer

Hi there I took my dad to docs this week as he was suffering with severe stomach pains, had no appetite and was very jaundice. Dr discovered a lump on my dad's right side of his tummy. He had a blood test and dr said we need a scan asap. However, my dad's blood results came back and dr said my dad has diabetes and pancreatic cancer!! Is it really possible for the dr to know this already just from my dad's blood results. I feel a bit in limbo. Thank u any advice is greatly appreciated xxx michelle xx ps my dad is aged 65

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my uncle as pancreatic cancer, it was picked up by a rash on his belly he then when yellow with jaundice and has lots of bloods an ultra sound a ct scan and finally a stent put in the bile duct, when they put this in they took some scrapings and said it was cancer, but we all knew that anyway because the gp said the bile in the blood was high, my uncle was given six months to live that was 3 months ago,

his health has got a lot worse but he still doesn't look like someone who has cancer.

my uncles father my granddad also had pancreatic cancer he died within 3 days of being told. that was in 1990 and i have to say not a great deal as changed. I'm sorry for being blunt but it best to know what your up against. and your dad maybe one of the lucky ones and beat this hell that is cancer. i wish you luck and stay positive.


Thank you so much for your reply. We are still waiting on my dad to have his scan. its crazy as my dad had throat cancer 11 years ago and had his voice box removed so he has really been through some hard times. He says he knows it's cancer again he can tell. Thinking of your uncle. Michelle x


Hi They can tell a lot from the blood results,whilst my partner was having chemo and radio treatment they checked it each week sometimes they told us that the blood results were showing that the cancer cells were depleting and other times they identified other problems.Hope the PC can be treated it sounds like your dad has been through a lot already. Take care


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