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Husband just had his surgery on 7-02-12

My Husband had the whipple surgery done, along with removing his entire pancreas and appendix, and speen, and part of his stomach, the cancer was in the head of the pancreas, and was in some of his vessels around the outside of his pancreas, he is doing very well just got out the NG tube out of his nose lastnight, and today they are starting him on liquids. 4-6 weeks after he has healed some from this big surgery, he will be going though chemo, and radiation praying that he does well with this. I wish every one that is going though this type of cancer does as well as my husband is doing I will be saying prayers for each and everyone of you. May God heal you all and be by your sides though out all this. Take Care.. xoxoxo WiscWife.

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Bless your heart and am glad to hear your husband was able to have surgery..that's promising to me...

I had a cat scan June 19th...The 4mm tumor(not removable) in my pancreas showed that it was shrinking as well as some of the other areas that have been infected...

Thank you for sharing and my prayers are with you both..

Take care, much love, Lonnie


Thoughts and prayers are with you. Hope you are both successful in your treatment. Its so nice to hear a bit of positive news. My poor hubby died in April this year, 3 weeks after diagnosis, so it makes my heart glad that some are able to have treatment. Long may it continue. Thinking of you with positive thoughts!!!! xxx


I am very sorry to hear about your husband Lynnbee, and very sorry it took so long to get back to you I hope your doing a little better, as for my husband its been a very long road, going thought all this chemo and radiation treatments, hes been getting to the point that he does not want to talk to anyone or go anywhere hes just tried all all this, praying that he will be healed after these treatments and the treatments keeps the cancer away.. I pray for everyone suffering with this kind of cancer is not only horriable for the patients, its horrable for the family also.. only thing i can do is pray.. Thoughts and prayers are with you.


Thank you so much for contacting me, it is so much appreciated. I pray that your husband improves. Life is so very very cruel. I miss my husband so much, but am so fortunate that I have my daughters, son and grandchildren around. My thoughts are with you x


your very much welcome Lynnbee, I know it must be so very lonely without your husband around but I am so glad you have your children and grandchildren with you.. My thoughts and prayers are with you always. xoxoxo Talk soon.. Wiscwife.


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