BBC Wales seek people for programme on painkiller dependence

BBC Wales’ ‘Week In Week Out’ is making a programme about painkiller dependence in Wales and the effect it has on people’s lives. We’d like to hear from people who have been using painkillers for a long time and are taking a lot more than the GP has recommended. If this is happening to you, or someone you know, please do get in touch. All correspondence is strictly confidential.

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02920 322140

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  • Hi I am dependent on painkillers , it has taken me 3 years to accept that I cannot have a quality of life without them. I take 100gms of pregabalin twice a day, 30g of codeine and 50gms tramadol; when I have a flare up I add melexicam .The journey to this point would take an age to explain but in brief I had a neck problem that resulted in a two level disc replacement which improved my movement and some of my pain but left me with chronic pain. I have tried endless physio, accupuncture, injections, massage, supplements, pilates ( which is wonderful ), I exercise but the real 'support' is the painkillers. My G.P. is wonderfully supportive, we decided against adding norotryipilne which the pain management consultant suggested. I really wish I didn't have to put this stuff in my body but when I try to drop something pain levels rise and my quality of life sinks. I guess i don't fit your criteria but I don't like taking the painkillers but a life in constant pain is a life not worth living. The life on painkillers has robbed me of my teaching job and leaves me feeling inept.

  • have you had any side affects or hallucinations from these pain meds? if so what was your experience, thanks

  • Hi shanty cat

  • my name is Eddie G. I live in US of A. I been on pain meds for 25 yrs.+ I started with Hydocodone for most of the time and didn't FEEL addicted, then three years ago I was diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy (alcohol related) and was given oxycodone for my aches and pains, most in my head cause I liked them. Why they gave me them I don't know. I was given 5mg 240 per month then 20mg. One month I ran out a week early, so the doc upped the meds to 30mg 240 per month and told me to just break them in half, RIGHT, I ate them like candy. So now I want to quit. How?

  • have you had any side affects or hallucinations from taking oxycodone? also are u still on it ? if not wat pain medication are you on and how did u get off oxy? thanks

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