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PLEASE HELP strong pain medication

i suffer from OA and Bursitis. the joints affected are neck and shoulders, lower spine & hips, knees and one ankle and hands. among my meds are Tramadol, Kapake and Amytrytaline. i have used versatis plasters and potions and creams and the only relief i have had which was wonderful was injections into my neck and shoulders under ultrasound which unfortunately isnt pernenant but was wonderful for the six months that it lasted. i am hoping to get them again soon. what i would like to know if someone could recommend a strong pain medication that would allow me to have some sort of normality rather than living with severe pain every day/.

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Hi :) you have my sympathy..if you find anything let me know :) best wishes jan


Hello, I hope they are able to get you in soon to have the injections repeated, mean time, has your Dr tried you on different types of pain relief? It is hard to find a balance of meds that ease the pain without leaving you to dopey to enjoy the relief you are feeling, and to have a life. I do feel for you, pain brings you down so low, I hope you can find something happy to focus on, a positive thing to do every day that will give you something to smile about. Are you able to ring up and keep jogging the appointment staff about getting a date for more injections?

Take care



An empty yoghurt pot filled with water and frozen. Rub this on knee shoulder and other joints until it starts to thaw. Keep several in the freezer. Cold is excellent pain relief but obviously you can't reach all the bits. It does work.

Pat x


Something stronger!

... talk to your GP.

I have OA of the hip and lower spine and currently use BuTrans patches with Temgesic as needed (same stuff different form) for breakthrough pain, but it's not necessarily for you, trial and error and a co-operative GP is needed. There are lots of other pain medications stronger than you are on.

Do you not use NSAID drugs?... eg. such as Ibuprofen/Diclofencac/Meloxicam

I use Meloxicam which has been much better than others for me as it affects my stomach MUCH less.

All these drugs have side effects of varying types, so it's trial and error, but if you are not coping, then you need to get the message cross to your Doctor..


I have bursitis in my hips (right side most painful), steroid injections now only last a month. I am on co-codamol, sevredol and amitryptiline but no good for me. Next stage is to see a hip surgeon to discuss op to remove bursar. I appreciate that would mean lots of ops for you and maybe not possible in all areas but may be worth considering as final straw.


Seems like operations are the best option. Is this so for everyone? Does anyone get good relief from pain meds? Or are we all just waiting til the ops come round?

Trouble is I can't have finger joints operated on I don't think. But I can have wrists, thumbs and big toes done. (8 weeks since bunion and arthritis debribing op in left big toe-finally starting to not be huge, purple and swollen!)


i have constant servere pain got that bad have you tryed asking doctor for mortheine then next step from that if fentonal patch think has another name too.then theres realy strong antimflamortory can get name for you if need it that helped abit better than the others as they were too low.just ask your doctor or pain clinic may help


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