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I want to spread something I've just discovered that may help others with pain in the neck , face ,head, neck ,and lower back .

I know people might poo poo this, but I find that if you stick with it, (with pain you just try anything that may help) I am dithering here as I know as I write it down people will go tried it, and it never helped, and I was the same, but if you suck in as much air into your lungs and I mean really suck in as much as you can do, then slowly let it out and concentrate on slowly moving your stomach as the air leaves your lungs so that by the end you should be as near the bottom of your torso as possible, (don't worry if at first you cant keep much air in, but as you keep doing it you will find that you are tensing your muscles as the air leaves and slowly it helps to press tightly against the vertebrae to push them back in place as much as you can , and I know it will be hard for people to get right, but I found that I can control the muscles to press against the spine to push it slowly away from the pain or at least take it away for a minute or two.

I have to use a lot of effort in doing this, and at the very least it is distracting your mind and gives you some feeling of controlling your pain, and not just allowing it to control you.

Now I hope I have not sounded too tweey, but I can assure you it helps me, or It has done the last couple of days, but it does take effort to concentrate on your breathing for it is good when you feel the pain dissipating as your body relaxes especially the shoulders and neck; anyway best wishes all best Alex

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  • Oh I forgot an important point that is you must slowly bring your stomach muscles into working and use them to press against your lower back, hope it makes sense

    best Alex

  • Thanks for that Alex. I am all for anything that does not involve synthetic drugs or tiring visits to hospital and clinics !!!!

    Actually - this is precisely the exercise we do at choir before singing, and I also practice it night and morning. It is a very good way of releasing tension and getting oxygen circulating to all parts of the body.



  • Thanks Alex, I think there is something in this. Not only does it help with muscles but it may also have a meditative quality which is known to help with pain.

    I use breathing exercises too. Singing in a choir or just singing is also known to promote wellbeing.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Oh and I apologise for forgetting to put this (and I think maybe the most important point ) is that some meds can help people to relax, as the body changes too a great degree when you are as relaxed as possible, and it makes movement a lot easier because if you have pain problems in certain areas it can make relaxing almost impossible, as pressure on certain nerves changes your mood almost instantly, and I say that because I know from living with it now over quite a few years now, and I think it can confuse certain medical practitioners into believing other things around psychological problems, whereas I think it is pressure on or through a combination of pressures on certain nerves, but hey It is just my opinion , best Alex

  • My osteopath taught me this and I find it really helpful too! Thanks, and good luck! :)

  • well sir Thanks a lot Pl add me in your group so that we can send like this useful tips give me mail id also

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