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Co-morbid arthritis and fibromyalgia or PMR?

I've had two hip replacements for osteoarthritis and have arthritic changes in my spine, and two arthritic toes following injury, and sciatica probably disc-related. However I have other pains which seem very different. Particularly in the morning on getting up, or after sitting, I'm recently having very severe bilateral pain in my lower buttocks and the back of my thighs. I also have shoulder pain and pain in my thoracic spine previously, and bouts of pain in my wrists and thumbs with no swelling. Interestingly the buttock and other pains are always bilateral and symmetrical. I also have a lot of fatigue.

I don't know whether the acute tenderness I feel on physiotherapy massage corresponds with the diagnostic 'tender points' of fibromyalgia. Another possibility is a recurrence (more severely) of polymyalgia rheumatica, for which the buttock and shoulder pain, and extreme difficulty turning over in bed are typical. However, a couple of months ago two blood markers were negative - but things weren't as severe then. I'd like to be referred to a rheumatologist for assessment. If I had any prednisolone left I'd try a very short course - which could be diagnostic of PMR. On the other hand, I dread having to go on them because of the side-effects - exacerbating my depression, making me put on weight and affecting my blood sugar control.

Anyone else here with PMR?

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join nras on health unlocked i am on both dsites. yes it is possible to have more than one condition


Can I join NRAS if I don't had Rheumatoid Arthritis?



Many problems that we have with pain, nerve/tendon damage will transmit to unconnected areas, that is why when doing pain blocks with a Tens the electrodes can be placed in an are that far away from the furthest point. Tirdness is mostly caused by the body trying to fight your problem and of course the medications do not help, pain also is very dibilitating.

All the best



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