Awaiting mri results seen consultant 23rd march ... had appointment for 27th for mri . Now see consultant again on 17th April how quickly

Concerned of findings but they have mentioned discectomy as mri april 2012 shows sign l4 l5 . Disc protusion now reckon it herniated as sciatica pain since last oct . Had to go on sick leave pain too much . I have also had injection in my spine which I now suffer woth constant pins an needles in both legs . Shootin pains and feel like burnin in both legs pain is across my right buttock an all down leg which hinders walking sitting .. if I stand to long I am in worse pain I am on antiimmflamatory in mornin also now butrans patch . Along with pregablin . Amitriytaline . Tramadol.. along with paracetamol ..but also my buttock where pain is is really swollen . Could this be imflamatory arthritis .. alsi any reply would be grateful thanks I have posted on here before xx

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  • Hi trudyl65.... told you same to the execd thing..simptons same does get better...does...but I went physio--last week.has turned down my operation..he said my hip was outta place..but back in place..I have only just been able to walk today..started with bum..shock pains in right doctor told me should of got it done..has if they say need it done...need it done...didn't offer no injection or anything...any way went physio yesterday he wouldn't touch me..said if any red flag go hosptail...frecked me out..went doctor..couldn't see mine..he told ,me my back spasm end up...can't believe it....but really you go by what your body's telling you...I've had bad tail bone.bum pain all night..and guess what going in caravan with kids tomorrow...yipy... hard bed!!!!! Gotta for their sending me back to rheumatologist.. has he thinks I've that ankylosing spondylitis.....sounds great..I've looked up in my 20 so had middle back pain..used to go doctors crying..and no one believe me.....its called negalet..and has for work don't knew what going to do...when this last bad do happened did it feel like your tail bone exploded.... theirs 3 things,( names) that happened to a disc..they had all lot down on my MRI..your simptons are very..very same...electric shocks...bum pain...its very sore..I'd either pop out a joke..xxxxx let me knew how get on..??? Are you any better xx

  • PS turdyl65.. my right side bum around so swollen..and so is bottom of my back...told me its with muscle spasms xx

  • Really swollen due to muscle spasms . Omg . Well you enjoy caravan I know im goin fair today but was up at 5 . Took meds an I will lay here til 12 when I will slowly get things done takin 3 kiddies fair with other half hes in work til 2 pm . But hey ho barbie at mum in laws tomorrow .. yes we have to deal with it an listem to our bodys xx good luch louiseamos

  • Also Trudy..I used to get pins needles..then the bits with pins niddles would go numb?? Try feeling leg if feels numb..with pins niddles..can't believe I started to get better and that physio..popped my hip was prop their for a reason..hope you have a nice doctor..and if send you care full.....xxxxx

  • Yep my 2 legs thighs are numb permanently .. cold right foot .. I understand that tension stress makes pain worse my 17 yr old lad is not very understanding .. an can cause me uneeded stress although my partner is . Ive applied for pip also . Struggling so much financially xxc

  • Hi trudyl65..its hard eh..I knew and my daughter so bringing a friend so I've got. 3 ten year old..I am up 5 am every morning.. every..sooner but make my self stay in bed..I am not on correct meds..need nerve type stuff...but after almost 7 year different meds..lose hope of meds..need off these morpine though have bad dizzy do you have numb toes?? My big toes..and 3 red along completely numb?? So many questions least doctor saw yest sending me back to rumotolists...good news today I've got my independent living allow..and its all should apply.. although didn't think I'd get..I want to if can go back to work..I love care work..but don't think be kids oldest don't understand.. won't help at fault really I've done everything for them..have fun at big bumby rides...really enyoy fresh air ...keep in touchxxxxxxmy other half getting bit sick with me.think its stressing him out..I'd do for him though..sickness in health and that...xx

  • Trudyl65 ..I've got my pip though and was good news

    ...although waited 8 month..its go ahead..your suffering too..which is putting you under it..

  • Hi louise got consulrant todat so let you know results mri .. feel bit better with morphine patches tho .. didnt sleep well been up every 2 hours glad you got pip you deseeve it . Xx

  • Hi trudyl65.. pleased feeling bit on morpine.. back off caravaning..with daughters friend... glad to be home..sore with did MRI go?? What you thought?? Let me knew x

  • Well no op . Told me ni fluid in l4 l5 . Discs are worse than last mri .. but as they say d. D .d ..which is norm as age wear an tear ect .. just unlucky that some people feel pain more than others sad really .. also I did say past week feel 80% less pain .. consultant now sayin can take up to 2 months ito feel relief or is it morphine patch . Wont know till come off them ... . But leg pain apparently sayun nothun to do with back an nerves he thinks circulation problem.. so blood tests for cholesterol ... also inflamatory arthritis .. . Feelin reallt tearful today .. got daughter off to head cild runny nose sore throat .. blesss all under weather an gone back school . To top it all my brother was admitted hosp last night liver failure .. chronic alcoholic ... but he'll get better hes only 47 .... yes my daughters 9 .. sons 17 .. I feel really piased off I want go back work .. but now I have to listen to body .. past 2 weeks have been best . But partner an my mum bless shes 70 . Suffers with fibromyligia .. flare ups .are sayun that after goun work 5 hour's 5 days a week .. ill have no life .. so im going to have long hard think xxx hope you're ok today xx

  • Trudyl65.god bless you..really..I am on fast release blue and or pink tabs.. do dad died last year 55.. with the deveil drink..awfully I knew..I've had to watch it my whole life..he lost he's two drank if need to talk...its hard..bad..hard..illness....

    Kids are hard work i girl13... is not eating..saying shshe's fat..been hard last 12 month....and I knew pains a pain in life..butt...said though bear with it pain in bum does get bit better has weeks go by...I've to wait to go back to the rumotoligist???when? Phsysio doing nowt for me..but making feel worse..he's said my spines twisted..?keep in touch hear if need to talkxxxxxxx

  • This madr me smile yes joys of caravanning eh .. them hard beds x

  • Trudyl65.. PS..listen to your body..I didn't this time last year at work..and took till now to get to will have one will still be there..even a sitting job I couldn't do..sit.stand to long..mistake.. oh did a little in garden other day I felt should get lndepented liveing allow ance...your suffering..can't walk etc..go for it..that's what its for xx how you today..if don't answer for ages its because this I pad goes flat xxyeh hard caravan beds all right. Trying to get up off the thing..and you knew we used to love it..but its hard how

  • Loads gone on louise ohh bro got admitted hospital tues hes chronic valcohlic livrr failure heart enlarge. Lungsheads uparse so no time to think . So upset hes ststable now tho . Lovely sunny day today tho eh xxx

  • Trudyl65.. feel for you cut me up reading that..hope he's in a good hosptail..getting correct dad got a warning 12 month before...I begged them to put him some were..wouldn't..and we lived 4 hour away..yes been lovely today..pray for you chick...been sore all over

  • My friend works for herself cleaning .. and I asked her to come with me to his flat ss he was worried about electricity .. my mum has been there for him always but I know its exhausting for her so I saud id go .. but it was soul destroying. To see how he lives but this has been goin on for 20 plus yrs his pproblem mental health sections ect I try to keep a distance as painful for mevtoo see I cried in hospital an hugged him he said do sent want to die . Hope this is a warnin and hes strong . We well my mum akways been there .. I hope this time is a turning point .. I could tell you loads . As you could me .. but hey ho fingers crossed . Been out wuth my son today let him drive car round industrial estate ..glad my sons at least on right track xx my poor mum x

  • Trudyl65.. just saw this message..I don't knew what dad had really good job..m.o.d.good pay..what a shock when got that finally phone call..he hadn't shaven was a tip..didn't help my name same..he said same 12 month before..just didn't care..any more.. my name got mental health props..least he was sobber when at work..she wasn't..never had mother figer which is sad..she's passed help..moved here me..can't walk.etc..hard she knews..I hate taking kids when gone ..its hard yeh...I moved out when was 15. Half..miss my dad like mad..and its only if..s.. no with family like you and your mam he will get help xx

  • Just realused I repeated myself and missed your message .. oh god what am I like .. yes likewise as sound off .. to someone who understands .. aww bless your dad mmm alcohol is terrible if addicted . Im so glad its not a problem tho at times I must say I have drank too much .. due to copin pain physically an mentally .. but one night of too much puts me off it fir a week thank goodness . Bighugs to youxx

  • Trudyl65.. you too..I've had my share too over years..yes with sleep etc..morpine helps..but think it hides the proplem..hope we all get sorted soon xx you look after self xxx

  • Xxxxxx

  • Defo morphine hides problem xx

  • Hi trudy165?????!!! How's you been wondering now you are?haven't seen no posts!?are things good?hope so!really do!?mine been worse after worse!??!!!not copeing think heading for bit depression xx

  • sorry long long story lou will post tomorrow hopefully xx hugs

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