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Constant Discomfort in left rib area for actually year now

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Hi all im (22M) feeling a bit of dull discomfort and a bit of swelling/ rib protruding in my left rib area near stomach I’ve been to the doctor a few times about the issue and also did a colonoscopy which didn’t found anything i also experienced my poop been green a few days ago when i went to use the restroom right now im so frustrated and tired of feeling this way the only time it kinda gives me a ease is when i drink plenty of coconut water which also makes me pass alot of gas.

I don’t know what’s wrong with my body

Have anyone ever experiencing such thing before please if you do reply to this post.

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Could be your spleen is enlarged, go back to GP for further tests.

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Konagirl60 in reply to jointpain

I agree. Your spleenmay be enlarged for some reason. Also, you should get your liver enzymes checked to. Green stool isn’t normal. Persist in getting answers. Doctors gaslight people now. They do it to save the system money.

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Derron256 in reply to Konagirl60

Going to go to the doctor in a few hours im really scared and frustrated with this issue.

Stay calm and be firm that you’d like further testing done. Good luck.

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Derron256 in reply to Konagirl60

Thank You im at the doctor right now awaiting a blood test results i did recently i only hope it’s nothing serious i will keep u updated

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Konagirl60 in reply to Derron256

I’ll be here waiting to hear what happened.

H Derron 256. I have had a stitch like pain in my LHS for over 2 months now and no amount of painkillers are helping, I wish you luck as I am just getting nowhere with the NHS

HiI'm so sorry you have been in pain for over 2 months, it's horrible isn't it? Could your GP refer you for tests such as MRI, gastroscopy etc? Just a thought.

Thinking of you Lynne 🌺

HiI'm so sorry you aren't feeling good. I know it's hard but keep mithering the drs, I have found its the only way to get anywhere!! Pain can make me feel exhausted l I have one very good Dr at our surgery , there are 2or 3 who are ok. The nurse practitioners are excellent. I have a lot of health issues which cause me 24/7 pain and an hour or less sleep at night due to the pain . I had to take ill health retirement 3 years and 5 months ago at the age of 52!! I also phone my consultants secretaries who are very helpful.

Pm me if you need/want to. I will try and help if I can

Thinking of you Lynne 💐

Hi how did ur appointment go did you get ur blood results hope everything went ok

Thx for asking they mainly checked for tumor markers and the results is normal.

Well that’s good news 😁 least it’s nothing like that 👍🏼

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