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Pip appeal


Hey all,

I have back issues and I have applied for PIP. Only to get zero points. My mobility and everything is affected. I'm appealing and I realise after some thought. Do your pip appeal in person if you can, apparently it's better cause they can see you, any swollen areas they will see, and pain and it will show on your face. I am going to keep fighting it.


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Yes I went to appeal and they hardly as questions just on a day to day bases , make sure you send In all hospital letters it might take a while mine took a year so don’t give up

Jasper3 in reply to Georgiab123

Have done that too... Have done everything xx

Georgiab123 in reply to Jasper3

Was it ok for you did you get what you wanted

Jasper3 in reply to Georgiab123

No! I got one point (ffs!) X

Georgiab123 in reply to Jasper3

Terrible try again with new hospital letters x

Jasper3 in reply to Georgiab123

Have tried. I'm on painkillers for life and I can't get get anything for it xx

Georgiab123 in reply to Jasper3

Terrible ring welfare rights explain to them see what they say please do x

Think you have to do Mandatory Review first, yes?

Question: Did you write/say how your back problems affect you? The form is a bit unclear about what they want to hear.

Example: Bathing, showering question:

I can get into the shower without help. I cannot stand for more than 2 minutes because my back begins to hurt very badly, so I have to sit on a bath chair. I can wash my hair and my upper body by myself, but cannot wash the lower half of my lower body because my back won't bend enough for me to reach. Currently I either don't wash my lower legs and feet or my wife does it for me. I often need help getting out of the shower because my back pain has increased due to activity, and my legs can get shaky.

You should look up the PIP descriptors for the questions to see how to describe the way your back problem affects each one.


First thing is to ask for mandatory reconsideration. Someone else looks at forms. Then (I think) another assessment and then tribunal. Things slightly different due to COVID. I believe tribunal is not done face to face.Is well worth appealing and going all the way to tribunal. Look up work and benefits.co.uk If you join around £20 then you can read advice on appeal procedures. What to write and say. Also look into anyone else that can assist. CAB has lots of useful information on line.

Hope you have success.

Jasper3 in reply to Bevvy

Well I'm currently at the appeal/tribunal thing atm. I don't think that they will give me it but I will try. If they don't give me it I will next time go to the face to face appeal, do a paper form, hand in all my evidence with it and explain to them in the tribunal what I think they should give me, plus I will do a home assessment next time xx

waylay in reply to Jasper3

When is your tribunal?

Georgiab123 in reply to Bevvy

No mandatory look at papers that dnt help me then had to wait for court appeal x

You are unfortunately a victim of the state screwing the people, it used to be the people screwing the state and that’s why this mess exists unfortunately...

I would heed the advice above and definitely go to the citizens advice bureau for help, as above understanding and completing the descriptors is king, good luck.

Another thing you can do if you haven't yet is joint Benefits and Work. They have excellent guides on how to fill out the forms and they take you through mandatory reconsiderations and appeals too. It isn't too expensive, and they have a forum too which has loads of information and you can ask questions.


Jasper3 in reply to cyberbarn

Hi there, so I have unfortunately tried numerous guides however I can't seem to get a good one that helps much with this! Thanks,

Have you tried the Benefits and Works ones? My son was refused DLA the first time we applied as I didn't use any particular guide, but when we used B&W we got it straight away with no problems and haven't had any problems since. It was the local CAB person that came to help me that said they were so good they used them themselves. So maybe just contacting CAB will help then.

Jasper3 in reply to cyberbarn

Well I tried and failed. Doesn't mean that I can't do it again. I just cannot be bothered to apply again 😒 x,

They are very unfair, You must appeal.

Good luck.

Jasper3 in reply to djsema

I am appealing. Who knows if I will get it this time, probably not. How do I find the guides on the benefit and work site? How do I access them? Thanks

greekqueen in reply to Jasper3

You have to pay a yearly fee to access full guides, though there are many guides that are free on there. I have been using them for years and they have helped many times as I learn to navigate the complicated world of the DWP.

I have been through three paper tribunals for my husband, all first tier, all errors and won.

I deal with 5 different PIP claims for family and friends. You need your medical records, evidence that ties in with what is asked on pip form, letters from professionals who treat you, family ans friends who know you and a one or two day diary stating what help you need in the diary can help your claim. Evidence is the key and as much as you can get that shows what kind of care you need and how often, including illnesses and medications like a repeat prescriptions list and an assessment home summary print out from your gp desk can help your tribunal claim a lot.


Jasper3 in reply to djsema


djsema in reply to Jasper3


I hope all goes well for you.

I hope all goes well for you 🙏🙏

Hope it goes well for you x

Hi Jasper, sorry to hear about you’re pip problems. I was on full rate until face to face assessment in 2018 from 2005. Citizens advice helped who made me Oppointment at our local information hub. Unfortunately this is now closed as ours was at the library but I think information can be given by email. I had a mandatory reconsideration of which they didn’t look at it again. I had 30 letters as I have transverse myelitis, hydromyelia in c1- t1 , osteo arthritis and social phobia. I applied for tribunal and extra evidence was sent to the tribunal court of which was hearing loss and gp letter. I waited 10 months for tribunal and was in and out in 3 minutes with full rate given back and back dated. I was also given it for 5 years instead of 3 on standard pip.Hope this helps a bit but with COVID it’s hard getting information from anyone as well as face to face.

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