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got turn down on pip

Hi can some one please help me i try to go on the old DLA But now pip I got turn down few times now i have had c a b in the past  to help me but yet again got no points-i told pip or dla that i have had hole in the heart back in 1971 but last year i had the full MRI scan in exeter i sent all the of my forms from the hospital thought i would get it but no joy i am now on jobseekers its realy makeing me more depression as the when i apply for jobs the emoplyers done get back to me i told job center this thay told me how rude the employers are this is getting me realy down  should i see my local gp ask him would i should do i it be realy great to go on PIP as then dont have to go the job center or apply for work that is none out there. looking forward to your message soon please thanks john from devon

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Oh dear. There is confusion here.

Do you mean PIP which is a disability benefit can be claimed whether you work or not?

Or ESA which is the out of work benefit?

Get this sorted and see if I can help



she def said pip?


Hi John

Have you applied for ESA and gotten turned down for that too hence being on JSA?

Unfortunately it doesn't matter what your illnesses or disabilities are, it's how it affects your daily life that determines if you get any/enough points for PIP. The form needs to be filled in so specifically and comprehensively about each activity; would your GP be the best person to know how your life is affected? How about a family member or friend? I know how hard it is.

Remember though, even if you get a PIP award, you'll still need to attend the Job Centre under JSA otherwise you'll get that sanctioned.


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johnuk54 as the others have suggested PIP is not a way out of jobseekers.  There are many entitled to claim PIP who are also quite capable of holding down a full time job.

Employment support may be the option you are looking for but it is not a get out clause for not being able to find employment.  First of all you need to be incapable of work.  Your best option would be to contact your GP and discuss your current level of fitness.  If s/he agrees that you are unfit then the first step would be the issue of a doctor's note which you would take to the job centre.

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Unfortunately when looking for work it is usual for only 10% of employers that you apply to actually respond.  They only contact of they want to progress to interview.  With chronic pain it's best to try to remain engaged in something (work,  hobby,  etc)  as a distraction for the mind to avoid the depression taking over.  

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Go to this website benefitsandwork.co.uk and you can see all the benefits listed and it would then help you decide which one would be best to apply for.

Also this website does ask for a membership but it will be best money spent, as they help you to apply for benefits, and also help to fill out the forms too.  As they tell you what they are looking for on the forms and also if you have an assessment they tell you how to prepare for them too.

I hope this helps you.


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wish i had looked first, got told im ok lol


If you had applied for pip and got refused why then don't you apply for esa instead.  I would of got turned down for pip but I applied for esa.  So why don't you try that benefit instead.  As far as I am aware it could be different people looking at it, or if you are not happy with their decision then appeal it and that website will show you how.

Don't give up.


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